Bully Ray To AJ Styles: The Boneyard Match Was The "Greatest Thing I've Ever Seen You Involved In"

For those who watched both nights of WrestleMania 36, it was a unique experience to see two matches take place outside of the Performance Center.

On night one, fans saw AJ Styles get buried alive in a Boneyard match against The Undertaker. On the second night, Bray Wyatt took John Cena to his Firefly Fun House, and made him face all the highs and lows he's had in his career, which could possibly help Cena re-evaluate his overall character. Whatever interpretation fans had, both matches were quite popular among the fans, and former WWE Superstars as well.


Of those former WWE Superstars, Bubba Ray Dudley a.k.a Bully Ray, couldn't believe what he witnessed when he saw the Wyatt/Cena match.

[Dudley shakes his head] "I don't know what I watched. It was so trippy," Dudley exclaimed to The Bump panel today. "I went on social media and said, 'I don't know what I saw, but I know I liked it, and I know I was entertained by it.' I didn't get it at first. I kind of got it. But, it was one of the only things that I can remember in my career where I actually had to go back and watch it again, to completely understand the story that was told, or what Bray was trying to project to the people. I guess – and you guys can help me out here – Bray or The Fiend made John Cena face all of his fears. Yes? No? Maybe?


"The creativity was amazing. Like, whoever's mind – and I think it was The Fiend – I think he's the evil mastermind behind what we saw. Obviously, he's the evil mastermind. That was such out of the box creativity that even if I were to have hated the premise, I would have to love the creativity and the effort...Those guys went way outside of the box, and I liked it."

Dudley also spoke about the Boneyard match, and how impressed he was with both Styles and The Undertaker's performances on night one's main event.

"If Rhea [Ripley] and Charolette was my favorite match, AJ versus Undertaker was my favorite spectacle. My favorite production. My favorite – you know- part of the two nights," Dudley announced. "Man, how could you have not liked it? Once again, it was outside of the box. It had a different sense of thinking. You know, we got 'The Deadman.' We got 'Big Evil.' We got 'The American Badass.' Right, in the beginning, there was a hell of a swerve with AJ popping out of the coffin.

"I'll tell you guys, I texted AJ after this was all over. As you know, I've had history with AJ from previous companies that we've worked in. I flat out told him that was the greatest thing I've ever seen you involved in. And, it didn't include one wrestling move. Wrestling moves didn't matter. It was all about the storytelling and the spectacle. I've never been more emotionally invested in AJ Styles as I was at that moment.


"This to me, was a rebirth for The Undertaker. Because, as Taker has admitted in that 20-minute clip that we saw on the WWE Network, for his 'Last Ride' documentary coming up, he can't do this all year long. He's got one, maybe two more matches left in him. If these are the type of matches these are the type of production spectacles that I'm going to get from The Undertaker, I will take it."

With that being said, Dudley mentioned that if The Undertaker can put on another match similar to this one in the future, there is one wrestler he feels would be his perfect opponent.

"I'll say it right now because people have been talking about this for years. People call into Busted Open and they tweet me, and they ask the same question, so, I'm going to bring it up. You now have the perfect scenario – the table is set- for The Undertaker versus Sting."

You can view Dudley's full interview above. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit WWE's The Bump with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.