WWE WrestleMania 36: The Undertaker Vs. AJ Styles (Boneyard Match)

Boneyard Match: AJ Styles vs. The Undertaker

We cut to a cemetery as we hear The Undertaker's traditional music in the background. A hearse pulls up to the gates and drives in. Two hooded figures step out and open the back door. A coffin slides out but AJ Styles pops up and laughs. He's loud and ready, wearing his shirt and jeans. He's ready for The Deadman. Where are you? Music suddenly hits and we get a shot of Taker riding hiss motorcycle on the road. Taker drives into the cemetery with more of an American Badass look. AJ is ready to fight it looks like.


Taker steps out of the shadows into the light. AJ says he didn't think he'd show up and wonders if Michelle McCool knows he's out this late. AJ says he dug Taker's grave for him. We see the open hold. Taker says AJ dug his own grave. The trash talking continues. Taker approaches and AJ grabs a brick but Taker drops him and talks trash while beating him around. Taker brings AJ over and calls him by Allen as he tries to get away. Taker sends AJ into the coffin door and slams him into it several times. Taker grabs a piece of steel off the ground and goes to use it on AJ but AJ moves and Taker's arm goes through the hearse door. Taker is bleeding and he's not happy about it. Taker continues to beat AJ around. AJ crawls on top of the car and Taker follows, taunting him. Taker mounts AJ on top of the car and unloads with rights, warning him to never talk about his wife again. AJ falls off the car. AJ finally turns it around but Taker manhandles him some more. Taker knocks AJ into the empty grave.


Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson call Taker out and say they're just getting started. Taker is suddenly surrounded by druids. Taker starts brawling but gets beat up at one point. Taker makes the comeback and here comes AJ. AJ works Taker over and yells that Taker made him break his finger. AJ yells at Taker to just retire and end this. AJ gets the upperhand again and talks more trash while Taker is down. AJ mounts Taker with another big right hand. Taker crawls through the grass while AJ stalks him, still talking trash. AJ calls Taker a broken down old b—h. AJ grabs a shovel while Taker sits up on his knees. AJ says he is doing the world a favor by burying what's left of Taker. Taker slowly gets up in pain. AJ breaks the shovel of his back, sending Taker into the empty grave.

We see Taker on his back, laid out in the hole. AJ pours a handful of dirt – ashes to ashes, dust to dust. AJ climbs up on a tractor and cranks it up. Taker somehow appears next to AJ on the tractor, with a light shining behind him. Taker unloads on AJ, who is shocked. Taker beats AJ off the tractor and over to the side. Taker is looking a bit different and talking more trash as AJ climbs up on a barn.

Taker makes flames rise for a few seconds. Taker fights off AJ, Gallows and Anderson. Taker scoops Anderson and hits a Tombstone on top of the tin roof of the barn. AJ fights Taker but Taker gets the upperhand. Taker delivers a huge chokeslam from the roof of the barn down through a box on the ground. Taker climbs down and taunts AJ, asking him if he remembers Taker's wife now, or if he remembers Taker's age now. Taker says they're not done yet, just getting started. Isn't that what AJ told him? Taker scoops AJ onto his shoulders and brings him over to the empty grave. Taker drops him next to the hole. AJ says he's sorry, don't bury me. Taker asks AJ to say what he's sorry for. AJ begs again for Taker not to bury him.


Taker holds AJ by his throat, taunting him some more. Taker says AJ put up a hell of a fight, fought his ass off. AJ doesn't want to be buried. Taker hugs AJ and pats him on the back. Taker says a lot of people haven't given him the fight AJ did. Taker says AJ is good, brother. Taker goes to walk away but stops. He turns back around and kicks AJ into the hole with a big boot. Taker stares down at AJ and then walks to the tractor, which is full of a load of dirt. Taker starts the tractor up and dumps the load of dirt onto AJ in the hole. Taker turns off the tractor and we hear his bell toll. He hops off the tractor and the bell tolls again, and again. Taker removes a cover off the tombstone and it has AJ's name on it, and 1977 – 2020 with a "Rest In Peace" message.

Winner: The Undertaker

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