Dark Side Of The Ring Producers Discuss Possibility Of A Coronavirus Pandemic Episode

The critically acclaimed VICELAND show Dark Side of the Ring just returned for its second season in the middle of a global pandemic. The show's executive producer and writer, Evan Husney, and executive producer and director, Jason Eisner, were asked if the coronavirus pandemic could possibly be a future episode of the series when they joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"I don't know. Obviously, we have to see how it all plays out," said Evan. "But I will say this, and I'm gonna promise Jason on this one, that with wrestling adapting to putting on shows with no audiences, the glass half-full thing is finding out the challenge to do something with it. Jason and I have been talking about, 'What would we do if given the keys to this?'"

Jason then adds that right now is such an awesome opportunity as the original WrestleMania was in the spirit of doing something that had never been done before.

"Now it's such an interesting opportunity to do something fresh," said Jason.

"I totally agree," said Evan. "I think it would probably have to be some sort of continuous narrative. You'd have to disrupt the flow of matches and transform it into a more cinematic thing since you don't have the audience. But I think it's an opportunity to maybe do something. So, I don't know if it would be a Dark Side of the Ring episode but it's an interesting opportunity for wrestling."

Evan then talked about the extensive process that went into them putting together the second season of Dark Side of the Ring.

"It has been a blur. We have been shooting non-stop since July and have about 450 hours of footage that we're editing. We did over 87 interviews [laughs] so it's been a wild time. Somehow we've managed to make 10 hours of this show in that amount of time," Evan said before being asked what they learned from the first season.

"We were super proud of Season 1 and were able to dive into so many cool stories to us like Bruiser Brody, the Von Erichs and Macho Man ? people that were heroes to us. With Season 2, it was kinda 'let's just take on the biggest stories.' In a way, if we never get another season, let's tackle all the big ones this time. So, that was the approach more or less."

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