Deonna Purrazzo said she would like to work with AEW next if she had a choice.

Purrazzo was part of WWE’s mass exodus of talent due to coronavirus related business changes. Purrazzo has made sporadic appearances for the company since 2014 but has worked for the company full time since 2018 when she competed in the second iteration of the Mae Young Classic. While she spent most of her time on NXT, she recently began making appearances on RAW.

Purrazzo spoke with Sportskeeda’s Gary Cassidy where she revealed she would like to work with WWE’s biggest competitor. Purrazzo said joining AEW interests her because it would allow her to be a part of something new.

“I guess, ideally, like, I haven’t been to AEW yet, so… Britt Baker is my best friend, she works there, they have a kick ass women’s division now,” she said. “It’s a lot of people I’ve never worked with, and it’s a brand-new product – so I would love to experience that and be part of it.”

While AEW might be her number one choice, Purrazzo said she would also like to work with IMPACT due to the strength of their Knockouts division or she would like to travel the world wrestling again.

“That being said, if that’s not an option, IMPACT has an amazing women’s division right now,” she said. “Tessa Blanchard has done some really cool things. Kylie Rae just signed there, Kiera (Hogan)’s there, Taya (Valkyrie)… There’s a really good group of girls that are doing some stuff that I would love to also be a part of. I don’t know. I would love to go back to Japan, I’d love to go to Australia again. If I could wrestle in England again, I love that. It’s like I would just love a shot at saying, ‘Screw you, WWE!’ [laughs] Really!”

Purrazzo spent three years working for IMPACT from 2014 to 2017, and also spent time with Ring Of Honor and Stardom prior to her stint with WWE’s developmental brand.

You can see a clip of Cassidy’s interview with Purrazzo below.

Gary Cassidy contributed to this article.