Last week Diamond Dallas Page suggested that WWE add a cinematic quality to this year’s WrestleMania similarly to how Hollywood films fight scenes in movies. We got that with the Boneyard match and, somewhat, with the Firefly Fun House match.

DDP talked about the latter when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. president Raj Giri on today’s episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast.

“I was expecting some more cinematic stuff and that was kind of what I was looking for,” said Page. “I’m sure a lot of people either hated it or loved it. For me, I kinda liked it. I love Wyatt and Cena and the whole piece kinda busted his chops big time. [Cena’s] such a sport and that’s what a lot of people who don’t like him don’t get. He’s the real deal.”

DDP said that Cena made a lot of people throughout his career and pointed out when Brock Lesnar “kicked his ass for 20 minutes” at SummerSlam.

“Bray, he’s right up there with any of the top performers I’ve seen in this business. I like what he’s doing right now, but he’s still the other guy too. I’ve gotta add him to that list of guys where you say, ‘That’s a bad motherf–ker.’ He reminds me in a very different way of Jake the Snake,” said DDP. “Jake was the most believable guy around and when he got in there, that sucker was bad. Everything Bray is doing is original and he takes it with such commitment?

“He ain’t going into it and half-assing it. When he came out as Bray Wyatt, he was a different cat then when he left. Now, his new character is still Bray but not. It has so many legs. I kinda liked what they did as you couldn’t do it at [a normal] WrestleMania. I was expecting more of that kinda stuff to tell you the truth.”

Page also discussed Bobby Fish of The Undisputed Era getting involved with DDPY after an injury.

“As soon as he heard I was giving my program to the boys, he got a hold of me and said he would pay for it. He started [wrestling] when he was older like I did and he was doing it until he tore his ACL. It’s not gonna completely keep you from injury but it’s gonna help prevent injury. When you tear your ACL, you can’t do anything but lay in bed,” stated Page.

Fish told Page that he started his DDPY program in bed and then progressed to chair workouts. By the time DDP got to him, Fish was no longer even using the chair for the workouts and was doing them on his own.

“It was really cool to see a top athlete like Bobby Fish come back like that from injury,” stated Page.

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