Diamond Dallas Page On How He Would Like WWE To Film WrestleMania, Working With Brock Lesnar

With the coronavirus pandemic closing down schools and keeping kids at home, they suddenly have a lot more free time than before. To help combat that, Diamond Dallas Page has created a DDPY for Kidz program to keep them busy during the day. The program is designed for those between 8 and 12 years old and the free workouts can be seen at DDPYoga.com.

The pandemic has also forced WrestleMania to be taped behind closed doors and air over two days. DDP discussed how he would like WWE to film the event when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"I would love to believe that with all of the time they've had with doing it two days, I would love to see it filmed cinematically. That's what I'm hoping and that would be so crazy memorable. I have no idea what they're gonna do but that would be so cool," said Page.

He then noted that adding music to the matches like they do for fight scenes in movies would be cool to see. He made a comparison to Rocky in how they film the match scenes and would like to see WWE do the same.

DDP was still with WWE when Brock Lesnar made his pro debut and Page recalled his first encounter with The Beast.

"Brock brings it. If someone were to say something about fake wrestling to him, that would be a mistake [laughs]. The first time he's ever seen on TV, he slides in on me after my match. He grabs me and gives me a sidewalk slam and the F5. I'm looking at this Beast ? 305 pounds, 6-foot-3, just a mammoth, young, athlete killer," stated Page.

"I go, 'Brock, how old are you?' He goes '23.' I pointed at him '23' and then pointed at myself '46.' He goes, 'C'mon Diamond I'm not gonna hurt you buddy. I've got you' and I swear to God he did. When I took that sidewalk slam, he grabbed me like I was 5 and I was 250 at the time. His body took the absorption and I didn't feel anything. He took care of me but I was probably the last one that was the case [laughs].

"Drew [McIntyre] is the only guy in the company that is believable, to me, that could take that title to me. Seth is not to me. He's a great wrestler, but those two together, I'm not buying that."

Page then added that Roman Reigns is another person who is believable against Lesnar as is Brawn Strowman to a lesser extent. But he says McIntyre is a cut above when matching up with Lesnar.

"Drew's got the ability to take it to a different level with him so it will be interesting to see what they do," said Page.

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