After winning the WWE Championship this past Sunday on night two of WrestleMania 36, Drew McIntyre is starting to eye out his competition. On Monday Night RAW, The Big Show was the first challenger to square off against the Scotsman, but he fell in defeat. Now that he has already successfully defended his title, McIntyre says he’s hopeful to defend it against anyone he stands before him.

One of those challengers is Tyson Fury. Both men have exchanged some comments among each other through social media, which ended with Fury accepting McIntyre’s challenge to face him “anytime, anyplace, anywhere.” McIntyre discusses his thoughts on this during his interview with WWE’s The Bump.

“Apparently, Tyson Fury and I are feuding now,” McIntyre began. “He’s been petitioning for a match with me. I want the world to know our Superstars are getting a frickin’ match first before him. But, if he keeps pushing it, I’ll knock his head off when things get back to normal.”

With several people from The Bump panel quizzical on this, they asked McIntyre to start from the beginning, and explain how exactly this feud between him and Fury came to be.

“It began with him – I guess – giving his predictions, and mentioning that he thinks I was going to win but that he could smash me and he’d be champion, or whatever,” McIntyre tried to sum up. “I don’t know his exact words, because I don’t pay attention to it. A lot of people told me through text messages and social media, informing me that he called me out before WrestleMania.

“After I won the title, I was on TalkSport, which is the biggest sports show in the U.K. and it came up. I basically said, ‘If it ever came to it, I would face him for the title, and I would beat him.’ He responded to that and it took a like of its own.

“He started it, number one. Number two, like I said earlier, our Superstars are getting the shot first, because they deserve it and they’ve worked for it. And number three, if he wants the match, that’s fine. If he wants it in the U.K., that’s fine. I don’t care. He’s got the deadly hands. What’s he going to do when I take him down and smash him and he’s on his back?”

Fury has not been on WWE programming since Crown Jewel in October of last year, when he defeated Braun Strowman by count-out.

You can view McIntyre’s full interview above. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit WWE’s The Bump with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.