Drew McIntyre headlined WrestleMania 36 last weekend and beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. Their main event encounter was much different from their first encounter when McIntyre was a member of 3MB. McIntyre reflected on that encounter seven years ago with Sports Illustrated. After Lesnar destroyed 3MB on RAW in April of 2013, he asked to speak with McIntyre in private.

"I remember it well," McIntyre said. "Brock was not long back at that point from UFC. He pulled me aside, and he straight-up asked me, 'Why are you involved in this?' He was so confused, but he saw something in me and believed in me. It's pretty crazy, all these years later, I was the guy to take the title from him at WrestleMania."

McIntyre has spoken highly of Lesnar before saying he "gets it more than anybody I've ever spoken to." He talked more about Lesnar's personality in private and the respect he has earned from him.

"Brock is a man's man," McIntyre said. "He won't do business with you if he thinks you're not doing the job you should be doing. Brock is a very private person, he doesn't like people too much, but he's all about respect. To have earned his respect means a lot."

McIntyre did not have much time to enjoy his world title win on the RAW after WrestleMania as he defended the title against Big Show. Also, McIntyre's challenge to boxing champion Tyson Fury was quickly answered. However, McIntyre expressed his thoughts on winning the world title from Lesnar and the moment he shared with the fans watching.

"I wanted to bring WrestleMania to the world during an especially difficult time. I went into that match with Brock exactly as I would have had there been 80,000 people," McIntyre said. "I looked into Brock's eyes, which is pretty intimidating, and I treated the match with the same intensity. When I was presented the title, I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it was in my hands. I couldn't believe Brock Lesnar was just lying there. It was a moment to remember, and that was a moment for everyone."