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Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to Night Two of Rebellion. We begin the show with a huge four-way X-Division match!

Suicide vs. Trey vs. Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju

At the beginning of the match, Raju and Bey almost collide into one another. All four men are positioned in a standing switch. Suicide escapes, Bey reverses, Trey escapes, and now Raju and Bey go back-and-forth with standing switches still. Suicide is cornered. Bey and Raju take turns kicking Suicide. Suicide escapes out of the corner and has a pair of arm submissions on Trey and Bey. The holds are broken off. Raju ducks the line from Bey and puts him down with a side leg sweep. Suicide connects a hurricanrana on Bey, then drops Raju down on the mat with a vertical suplex.Trey and Raju join together with a combination kick/cutter combo. Bey rolls Trey up, Trey kicks out.

Bey grabs hold of Trey and sends him towards the outside. Raju climbs back in the ring. He rolls Bey up, Bey kicks out at 2. Suicide is on the apron and rolls off on top of Raju and Bey on the outside. Trey flies to the outside as well. Trey stomps Bey in the back, then covers, Bey kicks out right away. Suicide is back in and plants a delay vertical suplex with the help of Bey. Raju fires a couple of midsection shots on Bey. Trey lands a big-time kick on Bey. Suicide and Trey are up on the ropes, Trey escapes. Trey lands a high kick on Suicide, Trey gets sent out of the ring by Raju. Raju tries to steal the win on Suicide, Bey kicks Raju to break the cover, then rolls him up, and wins the match!

Winner: Chris Bey

The camera pans over to Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne, who recap Night One of Rebellion. Mathews announces that both the Knockouts Championship and the World Championship will not be defended tonight. Mathews informs fans that he was able to speak to the World Champion, Tessa Blanchard, earlier via FaceTime to get her comments about the situation.

Tessa Blanchard begins her interview by apologizing for not being able to defend her title tonight. Blanchard looks forward to facing both Eddie Edwards and Michael Elgin soon. She ends her interview by quoting Ric Flair, but adding a twist to it, "To be the man, you gotta beat the man, even when that man is a woman."

A video recap is shown of what led to Joesph P. Ryan and Cousin Jake's match, which is next!

Joseph P. Ryan (Joey Ryan) vs. Cousin Jake

Ryan slaps Jake's chest, then runs and hides in the corner. Both men square up. Jake backs Ryan up into the corner. Jake shoves Ryan to the ground. Ryan gets some defense in with a kick to the midsection. Ryan gets back up and connects a stiff forearm, then grabs hold of Ryan and throws him across the ring. Jake accidentally lands shoulder first towards the ring post. Their match will continue after the break!

Back from the break, Ryan keeps Jake down with a foot chokehold. Making his way out of the corner, Jake finds himself down again with a sidewalk slam. Ryan keeps grabbing hold of Jake's injured arm and locks in multiple arm submissions. Jake counters with a suplex. Both men get back up, Jake connects a shoulder tackle, then another stiff forearm. Jake flies over the top rope and lands on top of Ryan on the outside. Jake slams himself into Ryan again. Both men make their way back into the ring. Jake continues dominating Ryan with a sit down powerbomb. Jake covers, Ryan kicks out at 2. Jake is stunned. Ryan gets up and lands a superkick, or what was once known as Sweet Tooth Music. Ryan goes for the cover, Jake kicks out at 2.5. Ryan pulls off a superkick, goes for the pin one last time, and grabs the win.

Winner: Joseph P. Ryan

At the Bar: Rosemary is very disappointed that Taya Valkyrie is not there tonight. Valkyrie says that a lot is going on in her personal life, including some hair and fashion problems (i.e. wearing sweatpants now, oof). Anyway, Valkyrie thinks Roesmary's match with Havok is a dream come true for her. Rosemary, however, says she's been there, done that. Valkyrie promises Rosemary if she wins tonight, she'll take her to Las Vegas and they'll celebrate!

After the Break: Havok and Rosemary both tell a very haunting tale about their everlasting feud. They will meet face-fo-face, next!

Havok vs. Rosemary (Full Metal Mayhem)

Rosemary tells Havok that there is no reason for them to fight tonight. Havok rejects Rosemary's offer. Rosemary grabs Havok's hand and staples it. She continues stapling Havok, but now, she aims the staples towards Havok's midsection. Havok pushes Rosemary down and grabs the staple gun. Havok staples away on Rosemary's back. Rosemary gets up and counters Havok with a back elbow. Rosemary lands a sling blade. Rosemary steps out of the ring and grabs two street signs. Rosemary swings wildly on Havok with the signs. Havok connects a big boot to Rosemary.

Rosemary moves out of the way in time before Havok can reach her. Havok slams herself face-first towards a chair that is set up between the middle and top rope. Rosemary wraps a chain around Havok's neck and chokes her out. Havok finds a way to counter out of it. Havok lands several running knee strikes. Rosemary goes face-first towards the steel chair. Rosemary grabs hold of the chain again, then steps outside of the ring, and slams Havok face-first towards more chairs that are set up between the ropes. Out of nowhere, the camera pans over to a woman, who is standing in the audience section. Rayne knows who she is, it's Havok's friend/tag partner, Nevaeh!

Rosemary drags Havok up towards the ramp, Havok counters with a Samoan Drop. Havok grabs a trash can and throws it towards Rosemary, then connects another running knee. Rosemary finds a hard hat and puts it on in time before Havok throws the trashcan on top of her head. Back in the ring, Rosemary sets up a few chairs. Havok slams Rosemary face-first towards a chair in the corner. Havok grabs Rosemary and chokeslams her right on top of the two chairs that were set up in the middle of the ring. Havok thinks she's won this, but nope, Rosemary kicks out at 2.5! Havok is furious and starts choking Rosemary. Rosemary finds a lead pipe and hits Havok with it. Rosemary pins Havok and comes out victorious!

Winner: Rosemary

Backstage: Gia Miller interviews the new X-Division Champion, Willie Mack, and his best pal, Rich Swann. Mack says it's an honor to be the new X-Division champ! He says growing up, he put all his savings together to buy TNA pay-per-views, so he could study the X-Division roster. As Swann is commenting on Mack's impressive win last week, Johnny Swinger interrupts, again.

After, the Impact Plus Moment of the Week is shown. It's Sami Callihan vs. Rich Swann from Rebellion 2019.

Backstage: Gia Miller asks Michael Elgin the same question she asked him last week about not being able to fight for the World Championship tonight. Elgin is disappointed that he can't beat up Eddie Edwards and Tessa Blanchard, send them to the hospital, and then become the champion, but he's hopeful. He looks forward to his opportunity to fight for it soon.

A video package is shown of Michael Elgin's rise since debuting on Rebellion last year.

After his video package is shown, Michael Elgin makes his way down to the ring.

Elgin grabs a microphone, and says that last year at Rebellion, he came to Impact to make a statement - that statement was that he was going to become the next World Champion. He calls for a referee to come down to the ring. Next, he grabs ring announcer David Penzer. Now that he has both a ref and Penzer in the ring, he wants them to make a professional call, and announce him as the winner. As Penzer is about to announce Elgin as the winner, Moose's music hits. Moose reveals that underneath his robe, he's wearing the former TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Moose tells Elgin that he understands his pain of waiting for a chance at gaining a title opportunity. Elgin thinks Moose wearing the former TNA Championship is hysterical. Moose says he has every right to wear it because he's beaten several TNA originals. Then, we hear Hernandez's music hit. Hernandez doesn't say too much before he runs into the ring and all three men start fighting.

Michael Elgin vs. Moose vs. Hernandez ("TNA World Heavyweight Championship")

Elgin has Hernandez and Moose down on the outside. Elgin and Hernandez make their way back in the ring. Moose rolls in shortly after. Hernandez blocks a hip toss from Elgin. Hernandez tackles Elgin to the ground. Hernandez connects a kick towards Moose's midsection. Moose counters with a dropkick. Elgin clotheslines both men. Elgin and Hernandez exchange forearms. Elgin locks in a single leg Boston Crab on Hernandez. Moose comes back in the ring, and Elgin breaks the hold on Hernandez and puts the same hold on Moose. Hernandez sets Elgin up on the top rope. Elgin blocks a superplex from happening, with a few forearm strikes. Hernandez goes flying towards the mat. Elgin lands a missile dropkick before we head to commercial.

Back from the first break, Elgin keeps Hernandez down with another kick. Moose is back in the ring and connects a chop on Hernandez. Now, all three men go back-and-forth exchanging chops, forearms, and kicks. Moose sends Elgin down with a running boot. Moose goes after Hernandez. Both men are on the ropes. Moose grabs hold of Hernandez for a superplex, and they both go crashing down. Their match will continue after the final commercial break.

Coming back from the final break, Hernandez clotheslines Elgin, then connects a senton. Hernandez keeps the clotheslines coming, but now towards Moose. He sends Moose over the top rope. Moose runs right back in. Moose puts Hernandez away with a power slam. Elgin gets up and slams Moose down with two German Suplexes. Hernandez is up, Elgin slams Hernandez and Moose down with a double German Suplex. Elgin ducks a clothesline from Moose. Moose grabs Elgin and sets him down with the GTH. Moose covers Elgin, Hernandez breaks the count. Hernandez lands a Pounce on Moose.

Elgin gets a buckle bomb on Moose, Moose counters with a No Jackhammer Needed. Hernandez grabs Moose for a spinebuster. Elgin breaks up the pin that Hernandez has on Moose. Hernandez does the same to Elgin. Elgin sets Hernandez up for the Elgin Bomb. Elgin goes for the cover, and Moose pulls the referee out of the ring. Elgin shoves the referee down. Another ref makes his way down. Hernandez dives through the ropes. Hernandez sends Moose back inside the ring. Moose connects another No Jackhammer Needed on Hernandez and wins the triple threat match. He came down with the "Championship," and he'll leave with it!

Winner: Moose

That concludes Night Two of Rebellion! Thanks for watching! Here's a sneak peek of what's to come next week: