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Josh Mathews welcomes fans to a brand new episode of Impact. Willie Mack makes his way down to the ring to confront Ace Austin and Reno Scum.

Mack is getting tired of Austin’s games. He wants Austin to come down to the ring and face him. Reno Scum’s music hits, and they make their way down. Mack says he’ll fight both of them.

Willie Mack vs. Reno Scum

Mack connects an enziguri on Luster “The Legend.” Adam Thornstowe makes his way back in the ring. Reno Scum sends Mack into the turnbuckle. Luster is back in. Luster chops Mack on the side of his face. Luster drags Mack over to his corner and tags in Thornstowe. Thornstowe keeps Mack down with a chin lock. Mack slowly rises to his feet and fights out of the lockup. Mack lands double knees on Thornstowe. Luster is back in. Mack builds some offense by slamming Luster down with a Samoan drop. Luster tackles Mack into the corner. Mack plants a stunner on Luster. Mack climbs towards the top rope, flies off, and lands the six-star frog splash. Mack goes for the cover, and wins the match.

Winner: Willie Mack

Post-Match: Austin runs down to the ring and attacks Mack.

Backstage: Kylie Rae runs into Gail Kim. Kim is so happy that Rae is part of the Knockouts Division. After running into her, Rae meets Susie. Kiera Hogan butts in, and informs Rae, that all of the Knockouts are fake. Susie tells Hogan that it’s not nice to say that. Hogan then challenges Susie to a match tonight.

Up next, two high-flyers go at it!

Chris Bey vs. DAGA

Both men go back-and-forth with rollups. Bey looks for a middle rope cutter, but Daga catches him. Daga lands a head scissors, followed by a dropkick. On the outside, Bey chases Daga around the ring, then sends him back in. Bey suplexes Daga. Bey exchanges an uppercut, Daga lands a chop. Bey sends Daga towards the ropes and then sends him flying with a backdrop. Back from the break, both men exchange shots in the middle of the ring. After, Bey locks Daga up in an abdominal stretch. The fans are cheering Daga on. Daga rolls out. Bey gets another hold on him with a body scissors. Daga climbs to his feet, Bey hangs off of his back. Daga backs himself up towards the turnbuckles, but Bey holds on tight. Daga counters with a sitdown powerbomb. On the outside, Daga takes flight off the ramp. Several kids in the front row are cheering for Bey to get back up and fight. Daga and Bey are back in the ring. Daga climbs up the ropes and connects a crossbody. Bey rolls Daga up while grabbing the middle rope, and wins the match.

Winner: Chris Bey

After, the Impact Plus Moment of the Week is shown.

Next, we see Taya Valkyrie blowing off some steam, by hitting John E. Bravo with a chair.

At the Treehouse: The Rascalz are discussing the tag team main event match between Tessa Blanchard and Eddie Edwards versus The North for the tag team titles. Dez informs the guys that he invited some guests to come hang out with them to watch the match. The first guests to arrive are The Deaners. But they’re not the only guests. Fallah Bahh and TJP make their way to the Treehouse, and they bring some snacks. XXXL also join in on the fun. Wentz and Trey step out.

Up next, some Knockouts action!

Madison Rayne vs. Havok

Havok runs towards Rayne. Rayne moves out of the way. Rayne informs Havok that she is the locker room leader. Havok doesn’t care. She kicks Rayne right in the back. Havok connects a clothesline, followed by a boot kick. Rayne lands a few quick jabs and an enziguri. Havok grabs hold of Rayne and sets her up on the top rope. Rayne tries to fight free, and does so. Havok reverses with a suplex. Havok sends Rayne into the corner. Havok locks in a foot chokehold, before the referee calls for a break. Havok has Rayne up and sends her down with a tombstone piledriver. Havok grabs the victory.

Winner: Havok

Backstage: Tessa Blanchard wants to clear the air with Eddie Edwards. She asks Edwards why he came down to the ring, after she told him not to last week. Edwards says that sometimes when you need help, you need help. He is offering his hand to help her.

After the break, we’ll see Ken Shamrock’s sit-down interview.

Jimmy Jacobs wants to know how Shamrock is doing, after receiving a fireball from Sami Callihan a few weeks back. Shamrock says it’s been rocky. He was scared that he wasn’t going to get his eyesight back. Shamrock believes that Callihan does not care about other people’s careers. Jacobs announces that he and Callihan will have a contract signing next week for their match at Rebellion. As Shamrock is talking, the screen starts to glitch. Shamrock goes looking for him.

Speaking of Callihan, his family, oVe, make their way down to the ring for their tag team match.

Dave & Jake Crist (w/ Madman Fulton) vs. Tommy Dreamer & Rhino

Dave and Dreamer starts things off. Dave locks Dreamer up and then tags in Jake. Dreamer heads over to his corner and tags in Rhino. Rhino clotheslines Jake, then drags him over to his corner to tag in Dreamer. Fulton grabs hold of Dreamer and the referee ejects Fulton from ringside. Jake and Dave send Fulton to the back. Dreamer throws Jake back into the ring. Dreamer lands a low crossbody, and then bites Jake. Dave is tagged in and puts Dreamer in the corner. Dave starts kicking Dreamer, then tags in Jake. Jake pushes Rhino off the apron. The Crist Brothers send Dreamer flying with a double suplex. Dave goes up top. Dreamer climbs up and sends Dave down with a superplex. Both men tag in their partners. Rhino comes in hot, with a shoulder tackle and back elbow. Dreamer comes back in and lands a cutter on Dave. Rhino tackles Jake with a Gore, and wins the match for him and Dreamer.

Winners: Rhino & Tommy Dreamer

Post-Match: Madman Fulton returns. He and the Crist Brothers send Rhino out of the ring. Fulton flattens Dreamer before they leave the ring.

Still at the Bar: Rosemary is having a great time mingling. Johnny Swinger runs into her, and informs her that he’s calling The Young Buck, specifically a guy named M. Jackson, so he can show off in front of her, next week. She is looking forward to this.

Next, Kiera Hogan and Susie lock up!

Kiera Hogan vs. Susie

Hogan pushes Susie into the corner. Susie fights back and starts pushing Hogan away. Susie then slaps Hogan in the face. Susie slams Hogan face-first onto the canvas with a running bulldog. Hogan corners Susie and kicks her in the midsection. Hogan locks in a foot chokehold. Hogan sprints over, and slides towards Susie with a basement dropkick. Hogan goes for the cover, and Susie kicks out at 2. Susie fires a few palm strikes and then drives Hogan down. Hogan connects a superkick. Hogan goes for another cover, Susie kicks out. Hogan heads to the top rope. Susie crawls up with a hurricanrana. Susie covers, Hogan kicks out. Susie is looking for Su Yung’s red glove, but she can’t find it. Hogan takes advantage of the distracted Susie by rolling her up. Hogan grabs the win.

Winner: Kiera Hogan

Backstage: Michael Elgin wants in on The North’s match against Blanchard and Edwards tonight. The North says they’ll soften Blanchard and Edwards up for him.

Backstage: Tenille Dashwood announces that she will face Taya Valkyrie next week.

And now, the main event!

Eddie Edwards & Tessa Blanchard vs. The North (c) for the Impact World Tag Team Championships

Edwards and Ethan Page start the match. Both men lock up. Edwards swings behind Page and grabs hold of Page’s waist. Page counters, and tags in Josh Alexander. Edwards tags in Blanchard. Alexander sends Blanchard towards the ropes. Blanchard counters with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Blanchard has a difficult time sending Alexander over the top rope. But after taking a step back, she is able to do so. Page steps in front of Blanchard. Alexander climbs back in the ring and knocks Edwards off the apron. Edwards runs back in, tags himself in, and lands multiple chops on Alexander and Page. Edwards connects a belly-to-belly suplex on Page. Next, Edwards side steps and flies through the middle rope. He dives on top of Alexander on the outside. Blanchard flies to the outside, as well.

Back from the break, Edwards back elbows Alexander. Edwards’ hurricanrana gets blocked, as Alexander pushes Edwards off of him. Alexander rubs his boot all over Edwards’ face, and then lands a big shot. Page is back in. He taunts Blanchard by blowing her a kiss. He tags Alexander back in. Edwards connects a double hurricanrana on The North. Edwards tags in Blanchard. Blanchard lands a double crossbody on The North. Blanchard goes back-and-forth with dives. Page tackles Blanchard towards the corner. Edwards comes to her aide. Page connects a pump kick on Edwards. Blanchard fires back with a roundhouse kick. Alexander gets the elbow up on Blanchard. Blanchard catches him. She climbs to the top, Alexander catches her midair. The North have Blanchard in the crucifix position. She gets slammed down, but rises to her feet quickly. Blanchard Samoan drops Page, and then plants a tilt-a-whirl DDT on Alexander. Edwards tries to grab a tag from Blanchard, but she turns her back on him. The North pins Blanchard. The North retain their championships.

Winners: The North

Post-Match: Edwards wants to know why she wouldn’t tag him in. Blanchard yells out that she knows what Edwards wants. Edwards heads towards the ramp. Michael Elgin sneaks up on Blanchard, who is still in the ring, and attacks her. Edwards turns around, and walks away.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come on next week’s episode: