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Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to Impact! The first match of the night is announced.

Johnny Swinger vs. M. (Mike) Jackson

Before their match starts, Jackson confronts Swinger for taking away the young talent’s spotlight. Swinger begins the match with a cheap shot. Jackson counters with an arm drag. The audience is behind Jackson. Jackson flies through the middle rope with a dive on to Jackson. They both make their way back in the ring. Jackson walks across the top rope all the way around! Swinger suplexes Jackson. Swinger goes for the cover, Jackson kicks out at 2. Jackson fires back with a boot to the face. Jackson lands a backbreaker. Jackson has Swinger cornered and lands 10 right-hand jabs. Swinger rolls Jackson up and cheats his way to a victory, by putting his feet up on the ropes. The referee doesn’t see it, and gives the “W” to Swinger.

Winner: Johnny Swinger

Backstage: Ace Austin calls Willie Mack a “scumbag.” Trey interrupts and says that the last he checked, Austin was the scumbag. Austin asks Trey how his mom is doing? Trey grabs hold of Austin, and they both brawl.

During the break: The Impact roster greets Jackson backstage and congratulates him on his successful match!

Up next, a four-way tag-team match!

Rascalz vs. XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) vs. Reno Scum vs. TJP & Fallah Bahh

Romero and Adam Thornstowe begin the match. Romero puts Thornstowe in a side headlock and tags in Larry D. Larry D comes in for a while, then Wentz is tagged in. Thornstowe tags in his buddy Luster “The Legend.” Back from the break, Wentz tags in Dez. Dez comes in hot with a snapmare, followed by a kick to the back of Thornstowe’s head. All eight men start making their way into the ring. XXXL smooshes Luster. TJP and Fallah Bahh come back in the ring. Bahh slams Thornstowe down with a Samoan Drop. TJP is up on the top rope. He connects a frog splash. TJP covers Thornstowe, and wins the match.

Winners: TJP & Fallah Bahh

Post-Match: The North come face-to-face with TJP & Fallah Bahh.

Up next, the Impact Plus Moment of the Week. It’s Tessa Blanchard vs. Gail Kim from Rebellion last year.

Joesph Ryan is mad at the Impact production team for showing the wrong video package. So, they switch it over to Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes, who are sitting in their hot tub.

Next, more singles action!

Rohit Raju (w/Gama Singh) vs. Hernandez

Raju slips through Hernandez, after being rocked by him. Hernandez counters, and sends Raju down with the Border Toss. Hernandez covers, and wins the match.

Winner: Hernandez

Madison Rayne and her co-host, Johnny Swinger, welcome fans to their new talk show, “Locker Room Talk.” Their first guest is Kylie Rae. Rayne asks Rae what’s it like to be the new Knockout? Rae says it’s extremely exciting. She’s happy she’ll face Kiera Hogan at Rebellion. Rayne wants Rae to spill the tea, and tell her how she really feels about Hogan. Rae says she loves her, and she’s a really nice person. That’s not the answer that Rayne wants, so, she invites Hogan on to her show. Hogan informs Rae that she’s going to slap the smile right off of her face. Rae fires back by saying Hogan isn’t very nice, and leaves the show right after.

After the break, Impact shows a clip of Eddie Edwards and Michael Elgin competing at Qatar Pro Wrestling, recently.

It’s official! Trey and Austin will settle their differences in the ring, after their altercation earlier tonight.

Ace Austin vs. Trey

Trey rolls over Austin, and takes him down with a running boot. On the outside, Trey connects a hurricanrana. Austin puts Trey up in the electric chair position and slams him face-first onto the apron. Both men are back in the ring. Both men exchange forearms. Austin corners Trey and kicks him down. Austin plants a vertical suplex, then locks Trey’s arm up. Trey fights back with a few jabs to Austin’s ribs. Trey lands a neckbreaker. Trey sends Austin face-first into the turnbuckle. Trey comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick, followed by a spinning springboard. Trey ducks out of The Fold. Trey climbs to the top again, and misses Austin. Austin rolls Trey up and wins the match.

Winner: Ace Austin

Backstage: Willie Mack says that Austin should learn to play mind games with somebody else. He’s looking forward to winning the X-Division Championship, and to also beat some respect into Austin.

Up next, some Knockouts action!

Taya Valkyrie (w/ John E. Bravo) vs. Tenille Dashwood

Dashwood heads straight towards Valkyrie with a forearm strike. Dashwood sends Valkyrie to the outside. Dashwood flies on top of Valkyrie, then heads back into the ring and climbs to the top. Bravo pushes Dashwood down. Valkyrie meets Dashwood on the ropes and sends Dashwood crashing with a superplex. Back from the break, Valkyrie distracts the referee, while Bravo attacks Dashwood again. Valkyrie has Dashwood cornered and lands double knees on her. Next, Valkyrie drags Dashwood out of the corner and locks her up in a single leg Boston crab. Dashwood reveres the lock with a roll-up pin. Valkyrie kicks out at 2. Valkyrie connects a knee strike and then stands on top of Dashwood. Dashwood creates some separation with a knee strike and a double under hook. A standing switch occurs, before Valkyrie lands a spear. Back from the second break, Valkyrie thinks she has it in the bag with The Road to Valhalla…nope! Dashwood kicks out of the cover. Valkyrie grabs a steel chair. The referee grabs it out of her hands. Dashwood rolls up the distracted Valkyrie and wins the match.

Winner: Tenille Dashwood

Post-Match: Valkyrie doesn’t stop her attack on Dashwood. She takes several chairs and a trash can and hits Dashwood repeatedly with them. Jordynne Grace makes her way down to the ring with a kendo stick and smacks Valkyrie and Bravo with it. Grace checks in on Dashwood.

Backstage: Tommy Dreamer (w/Rhino) challenge oVe to an extreme match next week!

Josh Mathews runs down the card for Rebellion, which will be a two-part show, starting next Tuesday at 8 PM EST on AXS TV and Impact’s Twitch channel!

After, we see what led to Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock’s feud. They will be signing their contract, next!

Both men make their way down to the ring. Callihan orders Mathews to leave the ring. Callihan grabs a microphone and tells Shamrock that he knows he wants to choke the living life out of him, but he can’t. Their contract signing has been issued as a no-contact contract signing. Callihan congratulates Shamrock’s accolades over the years in TNA and Impact. But, he believes this will be the most talked-about match of his career. Callihan informs Shamrock that he makes ratings. He wants Shamrock to thank him for giving him so much buzz. Callihan brings up Shamrock’s family, and Shamrock gets up. Callihan tells Shamrock to keep standing there. He also calls him “The Most Dangerous B–ch.” Shamrock throws the table over, and Callihan disappears, leaving several people wearing “ICU” masks standing around the ring. Shamrocks heads to the back. Scott D’Amore stops Shamrock, but he pushes past him. He gets into a car, and his phone rings. It’s Callihan. He tells Shamrock to make sure he “tips his driver.” His driver turns around and reveals their “ICU” mask. The show ends on that note…

That concludes tonight’s show. Thanks for watching! We hope you’ll join us during our live coverage of Rebellion (Pt. 1) next Tuesday at 8 PM EST!

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