Jake Roberts Puts Over Lance Archer And Discusses Their AEW Pairing

Jake "The Snake" Roberts popped up in AEW in 2019 and quickly sided with fellow newcomer Lance Archer. Roberts was asked if he was familiar with Archer when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"I had never seen him work at all but he's a super-guy. We did the training thing but I've still yet to see him wrestle in person," admitted Roberts. "I'm looking forward to it and maybe I can pitch him a couple of things that he can use. My job is to enhance him and that's what I'm trying to do. He has to go out and do the work and I like that idea [laughs]."

He then put over Archer's size and says he looks ready to go. Roberts pointed out that Archer worked in Japan and you have to be in shape to work Japan, "It's down and dirty over there."

"I've already given him a few things that he's tried. I taught him a pitchfork move and he went right after it and is excited about it. I just wanna help; I don't care who called me. I've been wanting to help for a long time. I understand a lot of people are weary of me from my past. But my history is not my destiny now and I've been clean for almost 10 years," stated Roberts.

Roberts is known for his cerebral promos and he's getting to do those again in AEW. He discussed being able to craft promos after years away from the wrestling industry.

"It is so easy for me. It's really embarrassing how easy it is for me. I wish I could tell people that I sit down and talk about it for an hour. Nope, it's usually about 5 or 10 minutes," said Roberts. "It's a gift and thank the Lord for giving it to me. I think what it is, is that you're on the road for 30 or 40 years and you hear every smart-ass remark. Over the years, you've heard so many that you've got lots of them in a bag that you can throw on people as you go. I've got them, I remember them and I'm using them."

Roberts then credited the comedy shows he's doing as the smartest thing he's ever done as gets to relive that feeling of a live performance. He says he puts so much into them that sometimes he'll walk off stage and just collapse.

"It was a learning experience at first figuring it out, but it didn't take long. Just the fact that I can do a comedy show in a bar and I'll see people pushing their beer to the side or taking their drink and putting it on the floor. It's a wonderful feeling," stated Roberts.

One of Roberts' recent AEW promos invoked Shakespeare's "Hail Caesar" and Roberts revealed where he draws from for material.

"I thought about the situation and it just came to mind to say it. I thought it was fit to say, 'Hail Caesar. I'm not here to praise you. I'm here to slay you.' I picked up stuff from everywhere and used lots of music to craft my interviews," revealed Roberts. "I used Pink Floyd, the Rollins Stones, whoever. I work on the subliminal thought process and if I say something that you've heard before, then your mind says, 'Yes that's true' without you even knowing it. Any time your mind goes in agreement with what I'm saying, I've got you. I've got you hooked and then at that point you can go anywhere with it, which I did."

AEW currently has Double or Nothing still scheduled for Las Vegas in late May. Roberts used to live in Vegas and he described what the city is like during this pandemic.

"I talked to my buddy Sinn Bodhi and he said it was a ghost town. You drive through there and it looks so weird and doesn't look right," Roberts said before adding he doesn't know what AEW will do in regards to Double or Nothing.

"I've been waiting week to week to hear what we're doing. I'm fortunate enough to be in Atlanta and I've been going to Cody's performance center and doing my film work there then I send it to him. You don't want me around those guys because I'm one of those people that if I get it, I'm in trouble. I've got COPD anyway so if I get hurt, I might not pull out of it."

Roberts then talked about his friend Joe Case who is going through tough times right now and why Roberts helped set up an Indiegogo campaign for Joe.

"He's a high school buddy of mine. We were both rebels and outcasts growing up and he went on his way and became a mechanic. He was always a mechanic and in high school we built hot rods together and race cars. I went into wrestling and he kept on doing what he did," stated Roberts.

"He's a real simple guy and he cuts his hair and beard once a year. He's got summer teeth as some are there but most aren't. He's a rough, old boy but he's the salt of the earth. He would help everybody in town."

Roberts said he invited Joe to his Hall of Fame induction and he had to buy him a suit because Joe never owned one. He also took Joe to the Cauliflower Alley Club and some hot women thought he was the Grandpa from Duck Dynasty and were all over him.

"Guys like Joe don't happen anymore. He went through an ugly divorce and has two daughters that are grown now. But he didn't have any health insurance? and he came down with cancer," revealed Roberts. "He never went to the doctor or took care of himself. I used to get on him and he'd go, 'Oh, I'm alright.' He's got cancer real bad and it's gonna take him. Right now, he's on dialysis three times a week and it's tough.

"All of the money he's ever saved is pretty much gone and he needs a lot of help. I've helped as much as I can and I'm asking people to see if they can help him. With what we have set up, if you give so much, I'll give you a phone call or if you give so much, I'll give you an autographed picture. I'm just asking wrestling fans because he's a fan too."

Jake Roberts is encouraging fans to donate to his friend Joe Case's IndieGoGo campaign. Case is a lifelong friend of Jake's and is currently battling cancer. For more information on how to donate, and what rewards Jake is offering, please click HERE.

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