Jake Roberts Reveals He's Self Quarantined In Atlanta Hotel Following AEW Appearance

Just as Jake "The Snake" Roberts revealed Lance Archer as his new client in AEW, the coronavirus pandemic swept across the nation. Jake the Snake discussed these extraordinary times when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast earlier today.

"We've all got to pull together. It really chaps my ass to see people not paying attention to what they're asking us to do and they're doing the same old thing they always do. It shows you how selfish some people can be," said Roberts. "They're gonna cause this thing to last longer than it should if we just do the right thing now. People like that should be arrested and put in jail."

Because of the prohibition of large groups, AEW has been running no-crowd events over the last few weeks. Roberts talked about his involvement with those and why it reminds him of coming up in the business.

"It was odd, but not that odd. Back in the beginning when I started wrestling, I went to a few places where there weren't many people in the crowd [laughs]. I went to Japan one time where I wrestled in front of 12 people," said Roberts.

"It's tough on the athlete because you don't get to feed off the fans and get the energy off them. It's just one of those things that AEW was trying to go a little further with it. But now they realized that they can't do this and are gonna shut it down for a while."

Roberts conducted this interview from an Atlanta hotel room and he revealed why he was there.

"I'm quarantined in here. I was living with Dallas [DDP] and he was one of the first people to say if you leave, you can't come back. Well, AEW wanted me to come out so I went and did it but I couldn't go back to Dallas' house," stated Roberts. "He had a baby in the house and nobody needs to be sick around a baby. He took the hard line and said, 'Dude, if you leave, you can't come back.'

"I had to do it for AEW as I wanna help these guys. Now I'm paying for it brother."

Roberts said he has to stay there for 3-4 more weeks. He upgraded to a larger room that has a track where if he does a loop around, it's 28 steps.

"I thought about buying a stationary bike and having it brought up to my room because they closed the gym downstairs. But the next thing I know, I'd probably be wanting a weight bench too [laughs]. When you are bored you start thinking of things and you really have to reel it in sometimes," said Roberts.

When Roberts was experiencing health problems, he had online campaigns set up to help in regards to medical expenses. Now Roberts has set up an Indiegogo campaign for his friend Joe Case and Jake the Snake discussed his experience on having fans raise money.

"The fans got behind me and took care of me. I called all of the people I was supposed to and was ever so grateful. Now I'm sobered up and clean and have insurance," Roberts said before noting that Joe is a guy who rarely watches TV and his TV is from 30 years ago.

"He's just that way and don't give a damn. Simple minded, I guess you might say."

Jake Roberts is encouraging fans to donate to his friend Joe Case's IndieGoGo campaign. Case is a lifelong friend of Jake's and is currently battling cancer. For more information on how to donate, and what rewards Jake is offering, please click HERE.

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