Jake "The Snake" Roberts Returns To DDP's Home

Jake "The Snake" Roberts moved back in with Diamond Dallas Page over Easter weekend.

Roberts quarantined himself in Atlanta after traveling to the city to tape content for AEW last month. Roberts told The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast he did so at the request of DDP.


"I'm quarantined in here. I was living with Dallas and he was one of the first people to say if you leave, you can't come back. Well, AEW wanted me to come out so I went and did it but I couldn't go back to Dallas' house," Roberts said. "He had a baby in the house and nobody needs to be sick around a baby. He took the hard line and said, 'Dude, if you leave, you can't come back.'

"I had to do it for AEW as I wanna help these guys. Now I'm paying for it brother."

Roberts has lived with DDP since 2012 where he started practicing DDP Yoga and improved his health. He told The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast he would be quarantined in Atlanta for another three or four weeks, but he returned home sooner than he expected.


DDP posted a video on his instagram of him and his family bringing an Easter breakfast to Roberts, who was seen arriving out of his room in the Page household.

"Jake the Snake gets Easter surprise," DDP wrote alongside the post. "Jake is on day 4 quarantine at my Recovery Crib. Stay tuned ?? Happy Easter ?? @jakethesnakeddt @aewontnt @wwe @thebritpage #OPP @lexynair DDP"

The Page's practiced proper social distancing protocols during the interaction.

You can see the Instagram post below: