Former Executive Producer Eric Van Wagenen tweeted out footage from a 2015 practice session with Angelico where he practiced one of the biggest moments in the show’s history.

In a match featuring Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico vs. The Crew, Angelico took a major leap from a high structure into the ring, clearing out of two of his opponents. The move can be seen in the video above at the 6:20 mark.

“Something for the believers!” Van Wagenen wrote. “Found this gem from Feb ’15 before a #LuchaUnderground taping – @AngelicoAAA practicing THE crossbody. Needed to show MGM lawyers we practiced it – just in case. I was nervous, but he made it look easy. @KingRicochet and @lilcholo01 measuring he catch. … You can see how amped up he was for the real thing … overshot where they thought he’d land and almost beheaded The Crew. Made it look way better though. Fun memory.”

In the second video, Ricochet (fka Prince Puma) wanted to give the jump a try and did a splash of his own.

“Not to be outdone, @KingRicochet gets in on the action. @ElTexanoJr and an unmasked @PENTAELZEROM are watching from the railing. (Blurred for Kayfabe reasons.)”

Lucha Underground ran for four seasons from October of 2014 until November of 2018. Budgetary concerns halted season five and contract issues forced a chunk of the remaining talent to exit the company through legal representation in 2019.