Mark Henry Names His Wrestling Mt. Rushmore, Talks Almost Ending Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak

A popular thing to ask wrestlers is for them to name the four people who would be on their Mount Rushmore of Wrestling. WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry answered that question when he appeared on #WORDSWITHSCOOP Instagram Q&A.


"The Undertaker, The Rock, Steve Austin and Ric Flair. And which I bumped Andre off and Andre is the reason why I'm a wrestling fan," stated Henry. "I say the reason why I left Andre off is because of the modern era of wrestling what Steve Austin and The Rock did with crossover as well as their in-ring work and their historical reference of what they did in pro wrestling.

"Andre exists OVER a Mount Rushmore. He was bigger than Mount Rushmore. Andre is not even ? he left wrestler status. He left the earthly plane of pro wrestling and he's like a spirit of it. You can't mention wrestling without thinking Andre. So, he's bigger than wrestling."

Henry then talked about The Undertaker who he compared to Kobe Bryant because of the electrifying presence and aura that both possessed. He was asked how difficult it was to share a ring with Taker.


"It is VERY difficult and I tell people all the time, I have wrestled Ric Flair. I wrestled Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Vader, Stone Cold, The Rock, Ron Simmons. Like you go down the list of the top 50 greatest wrestlers and if they were '95 and '96 and now, I probably was in the ring with them in some capacity," stated Henry. "Being in the ring with the Undertaker was completely different. I can stand 4-5 feet away from him and you can't hear anything. It's like a jet engine going on in your ear.

"You can feel like ? there was a time in the late 80s and the early 90s when everybody's truck had the boom in it. Everybody had the woofers and the 6-by-9s and the amps. When you're in the ring with the Undertaker, it does your clothes just like that. You can feel it. It's not even the sound. It's that nervous energy. It's electricity that's produced and all you have to do is watch the crowd when Undertaker comes. Everybody stands up! It's like everybody is focused on the slow walk to the ring and if you can't get into it, then you need to turn the TV off and watch something else. Because that's the most electrifying, entertaining, outstanding thing about pro wrestling that I've ever experienced."


At WrestleMania 22 the Undertaker entered in 14 wins into his legendary streak. Henry had a chance to end The Streak but lost in a casket match. He recalled almost ending Taker's streak eight years before Brock Lesnar did.

"It was close and there was some conversation about me being the one to break the streak," revealed Henry. "And if they would've asked me, I would've been like hell no! I don't want to carry that weight [laughs]."