Marty Scurll Makes Cameo Appearance To Hype Matt And Nick Jackson's Match (Being The Elite Recap)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite #199 – Part 3 (click here for Part 1 and click here for Part 2):

* Matt sits down to talk about his upcoming match against Nick Jackson. The two will main event episode #200 of Being the Elite. Matt says it's undoubtedly the biggest match of the year. Cutler then interrupts and says Matt and Nick's match against Kenny Omega and Hangman Page was really big. Matt goes to say it's the second biggest match of his career and Cutler reminds him of his ladder match against the Lucha Bros. Matt then says he's pumped for the third biggest match of his career.


Cutler asks Nick where it will be held, and he says the BTE Compound, in his backyard. Matt is asked what his brother's weaknesses are. Matt defiantly says he won't tell the world what his brother's weaknesses are. Cut to Nick saying he's going after Matt's back. Nick says he needs to feel one-hundred percent and this bout will prove it. Matt notes the two haven't wrestled each other in ten years.

Nick says Matt is four years older and taught him everything he knew about wrestling, but as the years went by Nick believes he became better than his brother. Matt didn't appreciate those words, but hints he has a trick under his sleeve, maybe even under his shoe.

* Matt Hardy, Scorpio Sky, Cody, and others hype the Jackson brothers' match. Matt Hardy says it's going to be like fighting a man in the mirror for the two wrestlers. Kenny Omega tells the two brothers to be careful because it will never be the same again. Cody gives a play-by-play prediction using some figurines. Cut to Hangman Page just sipping on a drink and staring at the camera.


Joey Ryan notes that Nick has the best hot tag in the business, but this won't be a tag match. Marty Scurll makes a cameo and says, "Matt and Nick Jackson? Why the hell would I care? Those guys are dead to me." Colt Cabana gets his couple seconds on the show, Omega flips out. Flip Gordon makes an appearance, "Matt vs. Nick? Can I get booked?"

* Montage is shown of the brothers training and facing off. Cut back to Matt saying he's ready for the ninth most important match in his career.