Ric Flair Reveals Who He Thinks Is The Best Current In-Ring Wrestler In WWE

During the pre-show before WrestleMania, Christian said that Randy Orton is arguably the best male performer in WWE. Ric Flair has his opinion on that statement and he revealed it when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"It's time that it needs to be said. Randy is the best in-ring wrestler and he has been for a long time," stated Flair. "Randy has to be motivated because he's been in the business for a long time. But when it comes down to it, Randy is the best male performer in the business and Charlotte is [the best female]. She set the bar so high last night that I hope nobody gets hurt trying to get over it."

Edge had his first match in nine years against Orton and it was no easy affair as it was a Last Man Standing Match. Flair discussed what he thought of that match.

"Randy Orton, when he takes off that vest, who looks better than Randy Orton," asked Flair. "Edge looked phenomenal too. My hat's off to him for taking that DDT. As a friend, I worry about him and while they didn't have a wrestling match, they took some big bumps. That DDT that Edge took from Randy ? those are big time moves.

"When I broke my back, it took me months ? I can still remember ? trying to get myself to take a backdrop. One day the promoter said, 'You're gonna take a backdrop every night and you're gonna wrestle an hour every night until you take a backdrop.'"

Flair said that after a week of working an hour a night he decided to take the back drop and once he did it, he was fine.

"Neither one got to demonstrate how technical they are," Flair said of Edge and Orton. But it was good entertainment and everyone enjoyed it. So, I'm happy for them. But make no mistake ? Randy Orton ? his promos are off the hook. Christian said it to be politically correct and I'm disagreeing ? Randy is the best? male."

One of the cool things about WrestleMania 36 was that WWE did a mash-up of all of the previous performances of the National Anthem at 'Mania. Flair was a big fan of that and he discussed it more.

"How do you ever follow that National Anthem? How cool was that? They took all these people over all these years and I was there for a lot of them," stated Flair. "John Legend was at my retirement match and Aretha Franklin was there in Detroit. So many of them I've been there for, but how cool was that? Who can do that?"

Of course, the reason why the anthem was done as it was – and the same for WrestleMania as a whole – was because of the coronavirus pandemic. Flair was asked how he and Wendy are holding up during these times.

"The good thing is that all of our kids like to work out. Our daughter Sophia works with Wendy on the shop and works our social media. She ran track and field at Georgia and she's got about a year left until she goes to Quantico to hopefully become an FBI analyst. She's interviewed and talked with them and I think the opportunity to be an analyst is very realistic," said Flair.

"The day she gets that badge we're gonna abuse it [laughs]. Ric Flair inside!"

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