Scarlett Bordeaux And Killer Kross Appear At The End Of WWE NXT (Video)

In a match that was billed as "Blackheart vs. Rebel Heart: One Final Beat", Johnny Gargano, with the help of his wife Candice LaRae, defeated Tommaso Ciampa in the last match between the former DIY partners. The match was action packed as the two brawled throughout the empty arena ending with LaRae and Gargano driving off.


As LaRae and Gargano walked off out of the arena to their car, they passed by another car in the parking lot with its back window open. It was subtle, however the two people in the car were Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux, who were staring at Gargano and LaRae as they walked by.

Kross and Bordeaux are a couple, and Kross had another "coming soon" teaser vignette on the latest episode of NXT hinting that he will be making his NXT debut soon. Bordeaux signed with NXT last year and has lent her voice to some of the teaser vignettes.

There is no word yet on what Ciampa will do next now that his feud with Gargano is apparently over. However, it appears that Kross and Bordeaux have set their sights on Gargano and LaRae.


You can check out the Bordeaux and Kross cameo below: