Shawn Spears used the sharpshooter to win his match on the most recent episode of Dynamite.

Spears had a quick squash match with Baron Black that saw the Canadian wrestler use the move most associated with Bret Hart, the most popular wrestler from the famous Hart family, who used it throughout his career in WWE and WCW. The move was invented in Japan by Riki Chosu and gained popularity in North America as the Scorpion Deathlock where it was used by the likes of Ronnie Garvin and Sting before Hart became associated with the move.

Spears responded to anyone commenting on his use of the move on Twitter, saying Hart told him to "go for it" and he was paying tribute to the Canadian wrestling legend.

"For those commenting," Spears wrote. "A while back, I sent a text to @BretHart asking a question. He told me: 'Go for it, it works' Tonight as @IAmJericho mentioned, I paid tribute to a Canadian ICON by winning via the #Sharpshooter It just makes sense. Mine now. #LoveYouBret @AEWrestling."

Spears competed in the Casino Battle Royal at AEW's inaugural event, Double Or Nothing, and began going by "The Chairman" after busting Cody open with a chair shot after Fyter Fest. Spears is 4-7 overall in 2020, but 4-1 in singles competition after his win Wednesday.

You can see the match above and the tweet below: