The Blue Meanie Describes Dream Boneyard Matches Undertaker Could Have "For The Next 10 Years"

Many people have their opinions on some wrestling promotions continuing to put on shows during the coronavirus pandemic. Former ECW wrestle The Blue Meanie shared his when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast recently.

"It's like that movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. The wrestling business is kinda standing still. If they can properly do this with all of the precautions, I don't see a problem with it but then you try to get X amount of people in a room. In a lot of ways, we need entertainment and that's why I launched Mind of the Meanie a month earlier," Meanie said of his podcast.

He admitted he doesn't know how contracts work with this sort of thing but you could conceivably do it safely by limiting people in the PC.

"Two guys have a match, leave the building. Two guys come into the building, have a match and leave the building or something like that. It's an interesting time and there's really no playbook on what to do during a pandemic," said Meanie.

He was then asked what he thought of The Undertaker and AJ Styles' Boneyard match.

"I absolutely loved the Boneyard match. Shout out to Jeremy Borash who apparently directed it," revealed Meanie. "Mrs. Meanie had us turn out all of the lights in the house and it felt like I was watching a horror movie. I loved it. It was highly entertaining and was a perfect way to cap off Night One of WrestleMania.

"I loved how they incorporated Gallows and those guys and they had the stuff with the druids. It opens up more discussion to having Taker for another 10 years with a series of Boneyard matches. You can have Taker-Sting, Taker-Foley. You can do whatever movie magic you wanna do and you can pick a different boneyard so it's a different atmosphere. It opens up so many possibilities and I loved it."

John Cena is one of the most commercially successful wrestlers of all-time yet people still love to hate him. Blue Meanie sees a comparison between Cena and a popular rock band and he explained why.

"I often say that John Cena is the Nickelback of pro wrestling because all of these people bash him. They go, 'I hate Cena' and 'Cena sucks' but I'm sure when he gets his merchandise check, somebody's buying that merch. That's why they keep him on TV because he sells ads and merchandise," said Meanie. "People bash Nickelback all the time but they're selling out the Wells Fargo Center and playing these big arenas. They can't suck that bad and Cena doesn't suck."

Meanie then discussed what he thought of Cena's Firefly Fun House match against The Fiend Bray Wyatt.

"I dug it; I liked it. I've seen some of the reactions to it and people get mad when WWE does WWE things. It's WWE ? it's not like we just stumbled upon this new promotion that does crazy concepts. I loved it and it was pure WWE," stated Meanie.

"The callbacks they did within the match had me popping. I legit popped when they played the old Saturday Night's Main Event theme. I legit slapped my hands together and fist pumped. I'm a mark for stuff like that; I'm a mark for comebacks. I loved Cena in NWO gear with the NWO entrance. Within the storyline, it all made sense."

Cena joined WWE the same year that Blue Meanie departed the promotion and the latter talked about any memories of a young Cena.

"I believe I had been released when they officially called him up," Meanie said before noting that he once went to a UPW show and saw Cena as The Prototype.

"I wasn't wresting on the show but I went by to say hi to Paul Bearer who was a scout and Nova who was wrestling on the show. [UPW owner Rick] Bassman said he had an opening and asked if I wanted to wrestle. So, I wrestled against Navajo Warrior and after the show I got stranded at the building. But a young John Cena gave me a lift back to where I was staying in California. We spent like an hour ride and he was just a good down-to-earth dude.

"Flash forward a little bit later, they put out my match with Navajo Warrior on the UPW home video and Cena did the play-by-play of my match. I'm still trying to find so I can say I had matches called by Lance Wrestle, Larry Zbyszko, John Cena, Joey Styles and Jim Ross. So, I have an eclectic group of people who have actually called a Blue Meanie match."

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