Recently, Tommy Dreamer made an offer that WWE Superstar Zack Ryder may or may not refuse. In a video that Dreamer uploaded on his House of Hardcore Twitch channel, Dreamer stated that he was willing to sell Ryder his custom made Hardcore Championship with the New York plates on it for exactly $40,000. Dreamer explains why he's willing to sell Ryder that title for that exact price.

"I've offered to sell that New York title to Zack Ryder for now, $40,000, since he bought a bunch of action figures for $40,000, 'cause he's an idiot," Dreamer stated.

Among many promotions that are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE announced that after WrestleMania 36, WWE and its Superstars may be taking some time off. Dreamer believes that WWE might lay off some of their workers, including Ryder, until they're given the green light to broadcast again. Dreamer noted that Ryder should have thought about the possibility of being laid off and saving his money, instead of deciding to blow $40K on action figures.

"Once this all gets settled, I guarantee you that the WWE will start doing massive layoffs," Dreamer believes. "Because it's going to be a lot of recoup time. I will say, I bet you wish you had your 40 G's back, and not in action figures buddy, it's nuts.

Dreamer adds that Ryder revealed on his The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast just how much he spent on a Greg Valentine figurine, which blew Dreamer away.

"If you listen to his podcast, he finally revealed how much he paid for a Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine 'Rhythm and Blues' action figure, where he bid - how much did he say? He bid about $12,000 - $14,500. And, he lost by $100," Dreamer adds. Supposedly, that's the only one in the world, but, there's three, and he has the second one."

It'll be interesting to see if Ryder decides to take Dreamer up on his offer for the Hardcore Championship, as well as what his reply will be towards Dreamer's comments about his spending habits.

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Himanshu Doi contributed to this article.