Since the NFL Draft begins tonight, AEW President & CEO Tony Khan posted about it on social media.

As noted in the past, Tony is the Executive Vice President of Football Administration & Technology for the Jaguars as well as the co-owner. His father, Shad Khan purchased the NFL team in 2011. Shad Khan is also the AEW Lead Investor.

Tony shared he’s with his father and that they both have spent many months preparing for the draft.

He tweeted, “Thank you Jaguars fans & staff & everyone supporting the team for tonight’s NFL Draft! We’ve spent many months preparing & I hope we have a great draft for you all. I’m working at home with my Dad, we’ve both been in isolation & hadn’t seen each other for weeks, it’s been nice!”

The NFL Draft is from Thursday, April 23 to Saturday, April 25.

Below you can see the tweet: