Willie Mack is Impact Wrestling’s new X-Division Champion after defeating Ace Austin at Rebellion. It’s his first title in Impact after being named the One to Watch in 2020 during Impact’s 2019 Year End Awards.

Mack discussed how it feels to be X-Division Champion when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“It feels great; it’s like a dream. One minute I’m watching AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels in a three-way at Sacrifice. Then the next I know, in 2020, I’m holding the same title in the same division. It’s weird,” admitted Mack. “I don’t think it’s real but I’m looking down and the X-Division Title is in my hands. It’s crazy.”

The X-Division has historically been for high-flying, fast-paced wrestlers so Mack being champion is an outlier. He talked about what the X-Division will be like with him on top.

“It will be the same as always. The X-Division isn’t about weight limits; it’s about no limits,” said Mack. “It’s meant for all different styles and heights, whatever you come with. Bring it to the X-Division and we’ll be sure to match it and keep up with it.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Mack won the belt at a no-audience event. He was asked what it was like to win the title in front of virtually no one.

“It was weird but all I know was that the people were watching at home. I’m sure they could feel with me emotionally. It was weird but it felt good to finally get it out there and get that moment. It doesn’t matter if it’s one person in the crowd or 15,000. I’m gonna go out there and wrestle like it’s the biggest stage of all,” Mack said before talking more about the environment at Rebellion.

“It was kinda crazy as when going out there you’re used to getting hyped up for the matches. But all you’ve got is the timekeeper, camera crew and commentary team. I was hoping I could get them to give me some energy to feed off of but nope. They’re doing their job like they’re supposed to [laughs].”

With no crowd to celebrate his accomplishment with, Mack discussed how he did celebrate his first title win.

“I ordered a bunch of food on Uber Eats, drank me a few beverages and took a bunch of pictures with the title,” stated Mack. “So, that was my best way at celebrating.”

Due to the pandemic, Impact isn’t holding as many events as it did before so Mack can’t defend the title as he regularly would. He discussed the circumstances affecting his role as champion.

“As the champion you want to go out there and face all challengers, but the way the world is right now is kinda crappy for that [laughs]. But I’ll wait and when it’s time for them to get their shot, they’ll set it up and we’ll go in there and do it,” Mack said before being asked who he’d like to wrestle next.

“I’d like to wrestle Rohit Raju; he’s got a lot of potential. Maybe Larry D; he could get a shot. My homey TJP. Maybe Chris Bey or a couple of The Rascalz. There’s so many more but that’s all I can think of right now just to give a shout out to.”

WWE recently released dozens of Superstars and Mack was asked which of those free agents he’d like to see in Impact.

“I’d like to see everybody with a job. But I’d probably like to tango with a certain Club, like each one of them one-on-one,” revealed Mack.

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