Triple Threat Ladder Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles: Kofi Kingston vs. Jimmy Uso vs. John Morrison

We go to the ring and out first comes Kofi Kingston of The New Day and Jimmy Uso of The Usos. We see ladders all over the Performance Center. SmackDown Tag Team Champion John Morrison is out next.

The bell hits and they all go at it. We get a three-way stalemate. They all go to the floor and bring ladders in. They start climbing up for the titles hanging above the ring. They all meet at the top and trade shots. Jimmy stops Kofi from grabbing a title. Morrison kicks Uso’s ladder over. Jimmy grabs his knee and sells an injury.

Kofi and Morrison trade shots up high. Morrison goes down. Kofi with a big crossbody from up high to Uso on the mat. Morrison stands tall now after more offense. Uso approaches but Morrison beats him down. Kofi counters Morrison on a ladder and goes for SOS but it’s blocked. Kofi also misses Trouble In Paradise. Uso and Kofi climb up and trade shots up high. Kofi headbutts Jimmy to the mat. Kofi reaches for a title belt but Morrison runs up the ladder and stops him. Morrison knocks Kofi down. Morrison tries to get the titles but Jimmy grabs his leg and drags him down the ladder. Uso drops Morrison with a big right hand.

Kofi leaps at a ladder after launching himself but his opponents catch him and dump him out to the floor. Morrison and Uso go at it now. Morrison with a thumb to the eye and a ladder shot to knock Uso back to the mat. Morrison wedges a ladder in the corner over the middle rope. Morrison rams a ladder into Jimmy’s injured knee. Morrison ends up dropping Uso on another ladder bridged in the corner. Morrison is alone now. He positions a ladder and climbs. Kofi launches himself in and takes Morrison off the ladder with a flying hurricanrana. Morrison is down on the outside with Uso now.

Kofi slowly gets up in the ring. Uso and Morrison are recovering on the floor. Kofi climbs for the title but stops to kick Uso. Kofi and Uso trade shots now. Kofi sends Uso to the apron and knocks him off. Morrison brings a ladder over but Kofi leaps out to the floor, taking Morrison and the ladder down. Uso runs the barrier on the outside but Kofi launches the ladder at him and it hits hard, knocking Uso to the floor. Kofi talks some trash and kicks Uso to keep him down.

Kofi bridges a ladder from the ring to the barrier now, then decks Uso again. Kofi is looking to put Uso out of action here. Kofi places Uso on top of the ladder bridge, pounding away on him. Morrison goes to the top but Kofi cuts him off from the apron. Kofi goes to the opposite corner. Morrison is still on the other top turnbuckle. Morrison walks the top rope over to Kofi’s corner. Kofi with a huge Spanish Fly from the top. Uso follows up with the Uso splash to Morrison. All three are down in the ring now.

Kofi tries to stop Uso from climbing up now. Kofi follows Uso up the ladder as they trade shots. Kofi gets knocked down to the mat. Uso hangs on and keeps climbing. Kofi climbs up the inside of the ladder now, knocking Uso down. Kofi climbs for the titles but Morrison meets him up top and stops him. Kofi rocks Morrison up high and headbutts him to the mat. Kofi reaches for the titles but Morrison stops him again. Kofi with a big double stomp from the top, taking Morrison back down.

There’s a ladder bridge from the standing ladder in the ring and the middle rope now. Kofi fights Uso off and sends him back down. Kofi flies from a ladder but Uso kicks him. Uso sends Kofi face-first into the ladder bridge to the middle rope. Uso with some trash talking now. Morrison springboards off the ladder bridge but Uso superkicks him on the way down. Uso places Morrison on the bridge now. Uso stands a ladder up in the corner. Uso climbs up while Morrison is still down on the bridge. Morrison gets up and tips Uso’s ladder over. Uso falls out at ringside on the floor. Morrison is alone in the ring now. Morrison clears the ring of a few ladders.

Morrison climbs up for the titles now, moving slowly. Morrison grabs the title but here comes Kofi. Kofi climbs up and rocks Morrison a few times. Morrison fights back as Kofi reaches for a title. Uso brings a ladder in and stands it next to their ladder. Uso climbs up and fights with them. All three grab for the titles now. They unclip the title holder but they’re struggling for possession. Morrison gets knocked back to the ladder bridge by a headbutt. Kofi and Uso are still up high with the title holder in hand but Morrison fell with the actual title belts in his hands, hitting hard on the ladder bridge. Morrison retains for he and The Miz.

Winner: John Morrison

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