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Excalibur and Taz welcome fans to AEW Dark! The first match of the night is announced.

Hikaru Shida vs. Dani Jordyn

Both women square up. Hikaru Shida locks in a side headlock. Dani Jordyn goes for a shoulder tackle. Shida doesn’t budge. Shida goes for a double shoulder tackle of her own and sends Jordyn down on the mat. Shida then goes for a rib breaker. Shida sets Jordyn up with a big running knee. Jordyn comes off the ropes with a DDT. Jordyn goes for a cover, Shida kicks out at 2. Jordyn locks up Shida’s arm. Shida rises to her feet and fights Jordyn off of her. Shida creates some distance with a hammer throw, which helps her gain control with another running knee. Shida adds in a missile dropkick before going for a cover. Jordyn kicks out right away. Jordyn and Shida go back-and-forth with standing switches. Shida ends the holds with a step-up enziguri. This doesn’t keep Jordyn down and out, as she kicks out once again. Shida goes for a rising knee strike, followed by a sit down powerbomb. Shida goes for the cover one last time, and wins the match!

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Up next, one half of the Natural Nightmares, QT Marshall, makes his way down to the ring for his singles match.

QT Marshall vs. Clutch Adams

Clutch Adams goes straight for a boot towards Marshall’s midsection as the match begins. QT Marshall tries to wear down Adam’s arm, but Adams counters the hold. Adams targets Marshall’s bandaged ribs, by slamming into him several times. Marshall runs the ropes but gets intersected with a slam. Adams hangs Marshall up on the top rope. Marshall starts fighting back with a back elbow, then a body slam over the top rope. Marshall lands a couple of shots, before sending Adams down with an uppercut. Marshall slides out of the fireman’s carry and into a QT Cutter. Marshall goes for the cover, and wins the match!

Winner: QT Marshall

The singles’ action continues with Mr. Fun Size, Marko Stunt!

Marko Stunt vs. Jason Cade

Jason Cade backs Marko Stunt up towards the corner. Stunt fights out of it with a few midsection shots. Stunt rolls up and over Cade with a knee strike. Stunt goes for a cover, Cade kicks out. Stunt fires another strike. Cade fakes the referee out, then hits Stunt, and continues staying on him. Cade flattens Stunt with an elbow strike, followed by a knee lift towards Stunt. Stunt is busted open, and he’s angry. He gets some defense in before Cade connects a DDT off the top rope. Stunt starts to fight back with a poison rana, then a tope suicida. Stunt flies off the top rope with a 450 Splash, and wins the match!

Winner: Marko Stunt

Post-Match: The medical staff takes a look at Stunt’s nose to see whether it’s broken or not. More information will follow soon.

The first tag team match of the night begins!

Jimmy Havoc & Kip Sabian (w/Penelope Ford) vs. Musa & Lee Johnson

Lee Johnson and Kip Sabian start the matchup. Both men lock up. Sabian climbs under and grabs hold of Johnson’s wrist. Johnson reverses the hold. Sabian rolls through and captures Johnson’s wrist again. Johnson comes off with a head scissors takedown. Sabian dives and turns it into a side headlock. Sabian grabs Johnson up by the wrist and drags him over to his corner to get a tag from Jimmy Havoc. Havoc stomps the chest and midsection of Johnson. Havoc tosses Johnson towards his corner with an exploder suplex. Johnson gets a tag in to Musa. Havoc has Musa cornered, and tags in Sabian. Sabian meets Musa with a leg lariat. Musa sends Sabian towards the corner. Musa rolls off Sabian’s back, then connects a dropkick. Musa goes for a tag.

Johnson is back in with a flying snapmare, then a dropkick. Johnson goes over to his corner to get a quick tag in to Musa. Havoc is back in, too. Havoc and Sabian combine together with a Manhattan Drop on Musa. Havoc lands a spin hand, then an eye poke before tagging in Sabian. Sabian lands a nice knee strike right towards Musa’s face. Sabian tags Havoc back in. Havoc positions Musa with a front face suplex. Musa drives Havoc’s face into the turnbuckle. Musa runs over to tag in Johnson. Johnson connects a clothesline, then a running kick. Johnson goes for the cover, Havoc kicks out at 2. Havoc plants Johnson with an Acid Rainmaker, then slams Johnson on his head. Havoc picks up the win for his team.

Winners: Jimmy Havoc & Kip Sabian

Next, Fenix will take it to the skies in his singles match!

Fenix vs.”The Captain” Shawn Dean

Shawn Dean tries to get a side headlock in before Fenix switches it into a wrist lock. Dean escapes and locks in a front facelock. Dean catches Fenix with a dropkick. Fenix almost kicks Dean’s head off. Fenix keeps the pressure on Dean with an upper hand chop. Dean counters a brainbuster and turns it into a running knee strike. Dean goes up and over and crashes into Fenix on the outside. Fenix puts on the breaks with a step-up enziguri, then a dropkick. Fenix charges in with a roundhouse kick. Dean catches Fenix and sends him down with a Tiger Driver. Fenix kicks out at 1! Fenix springs up to his feet with a thrust kick. Fenix spins Dean out with a powerbomb, and wins the match!

Winner: Fenix

Next, Luther makes his way to the ring!

Luther vs. Jon Cruz

Luther connects a few shots on Jon Cruz as the match begins. Cruz fires back with a few wild swings until Luther catches him with a pump kick. Luther batters Cruz in the spine with some tackles. Luther rolls Cruz out of the ring. Luther slams Cruz on top of the barricade then rolls him back into the ring. Luther has Cruz over his knee and locks him up. Luther sends Cruz towards the corner. Cruz fights out of the corner with a midsection kick. Luther flattens Cruz with a bodyslam, then starts ragging on Cruz’s face. Cruz taps out, and Luther wins the match.

Winner: Luther

The second tag team match begins!

Private Party vs. Ryan Rembrandt & Mike Reed

Marq Quen sends Ryan Rembrandt down. Rembrandt does not look impressed. He gets back up, but Quen puts Rembrandt in a front facelock, breaks the hold, then connects a dropkick. Quen tags in Isiah Kassidy. Private Party connects a scissors kick on Rembrandt. Rembrandt makes his way into the ring and flips Kassidy up and over the top rope with a suplex. Rembrandt has Kassidy’s arm locked, then tags in Reed. Kassidy leapfrogs over and tags in Quen. Quen knocks Rembrandt and Reed to the outside. Quen goes up and over the top rope and lands on top of his opponents. Kassidy connects Sliced Bread. Kassidy goes for the cover, and Reed comes in to make the save. Private Party goes for the Silly String, but Reed is not the legal man. Kassidy ends the match with a Swanton Bomb, and wins the match!

Winners: Private Party

Next, “The Spanish God” makes his way down to the ring.

Sammy Guevara vs. Alan Angels

Alan Angels calls Sammy Guevara a punk. Guevara slaps him across the face. Guevara connects a corkscrew dropkick. Guevara keeps the momentum going with a suplex. Angels goes up and over, drops Guevara face first, goes for a cradle pin, but Guevara rolls out. Guevara plants the Anti-Air knee strike. Guevara has Angels in the fireman’s carry and begins his squats. Angels slides off from behind, but he doesn’t go too far. Guevara slams Angels’ right hand. Guevara plants Angels down with a vertical suplex. Guevara climbs to the top and jumps off. Angels grabs ahold of Guevara’s wrist, then sends him down with a hook kick. Angels lays down two clotheslines, followed by a step-up enziguri. Guevara has Angels up and hits the GTH. Guevara wins the match.

Winner: Sammy Guevara

And now, the main event!

Darby Allin vs. Serpentico

Darby Allin and Serpentico lock up after the bell rings. Allin sends Serpentico to the outside. Serpentico is back in the ring, and grabs hold of Allin’s wrist. Allin flies off the rope with a missile arm drag. Serpentico sends Allin towards the steel stairs. Serpentico goes for the cover, Allin kicks out at 2. Allin tries to get back up and fights his way up with a few midsection jabs. Allin is up and slams Serpentico onto the mat with a superplex. Allin reaches for a cover, Serpentico kicks out at 2. Allin crashes on top of Serpentico with a Coffin Drop on the outside. Allin steps up and through, rolls Serpentico up, and wins the match!

Winner: Darby Allin

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoy Double or Nothing this weekend!