Baron Corbin took to Twitter to show off his new tattoo Thursday.

Corbin, a constant presence on social media, took time away from trolling the internet wrestling community to show off the outline of his new tattoo. The tattoo is a group of shrunken heads, adding to the extensive amount of tattoos the wrestler has on his body.

“Well the side of the knee sucks but these shrunken heads will be worth it,” Corbin wrote.

Corbin’s love of tattoos is obvious, and previously expressed his desire to get a head tattoo. His new tattoo is on his leg, an area which is almost completely covered.

“Nobody gets to see my legs, but they’re covered, I got all kinds of stuff down there from Candy Man and Jack ‘The Ripper,’ (to) portraits of my Dad and Grandpa,” Corbin said during an appearance on The Bob And Tom Show.

Corbin competed in the Money In The Bank ladder match at the eponymous event, but was unable to secure the briefcase as it fell into the hands of Otis. He won the briefcase once previously, but is one of four male superstars who failed to win the world championship after cashing in.

You can see the tweet below:

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