Bruce Prichard Talks Tito Santana Being Discussed As WWE World Champion, Why Bret Hart Got The Nod

On a recent episode of Something to Wrestle, Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson discussed the career of WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana. At one point in the podcast, Thompson says he always wanted to ask Prichard if WWE had ever discussed putting the WWE Title on Santana in 1992 as it has long been rumored. Prichard confirmed that they did, but decided to go with Bret Hart for world champion.

"Well considering that the only people discussing it were Vince, Pat and myself at that time, yeah Tito's name was brought up as someone possible because when you look at the roster, [we we looking for] someone that was dependable [and] someone that the audience knew and respected that you can look at and say, 'OK, here's your new champion,'" Prichard said. "Tito's name was discussed, and Bret got the nod coming off a European tour and the incredible response that he had received over there, but to say that Tito's name was discussed, absolutely it was."

Thompson asked if the idea of Santana not looking like a "steroid guy" had any play in why he was being discussed as world champion as WWE was embroiled in a steroid trial in 1993, which prompted Prichard to think about turning Hulk Hogan heel. Prichard denies that and says that Santana was a respected guy in the locker room and to the audience.

"[It was] because of his status in the company," Prichard said. "He had been there that long. He was respected by the talent, and he was respected by the audience."

Thompson also asked if it was solely the European tour that sold WWE to put the belt on Hart. Prichard says it was and that they were discussing a lot of names on who could fill the role of WWE Champion.

"It was fresh. It just happened, so that kind of just put it over the top," Prichard said. "We were looking at a few different guys. We were looking at the talent roster. 'Who could do it? Who could fill that role?' There were a lot of different names that were discussed, Tito's being one of them."

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