Dominic Garrini signed with MLW a couple of months ago and he can, in part, thank Tom Lawlor for putting a good word in for him. Garrini discussed how he met Lawlor when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"The night I made my pro wrestling debut was also Tom's last UFC fight," Garrini said before noting that fight resulted in Lawlor's suspension. "That was 2016 and in 2017 I started seeing him pop up on indie shows during his suspension. I hit up our owners and said I watched Tom fight and know that he has a lot of charisma that's different from a Matt Riddle charisma. I said if you get on the ground floor then you can be out ahead on him."

Lawlor sort of knew who Garrini was and they quickly became friends.

"It was something that 19-year-old Dom watching Tough Enough Fighter 7 would never have thought that I would become really good friends with that guy," stated Garrini before expanding on Lawlor advocating to bring him into MLW.

"Right from the beginning, he was always pushing for me. I didn't know if I had the clout then, but I got done with EVOLVE and was kinda just doing my own thing. I always remembered two people that pushed for me to do MLW one was Tom and the other was MJF. MJF and I had a few matches and he thought I could be a good addition. So, around August of last year our paths crossed. Me and Max started talking and it kinda all went from there. But Tom had always been someone huge in the advocation process for me. He knew how big I was when he first started coming up in telling indie promoters that he's a ground-level guy that you might now know but he's gonna be a big deal."

At MLW Zero Hour in Dallas, a riot nearly occurred when Team Filthy went after the Von Erichs and the Texas flag. Garrini talked about taking part in that.

"That was quite a time for us. I remember Court thinking that he thinks they'll get mad at us but he wasn't sure. He came to the back and gave me the Vince McMahon, 'That's good sh*t!' He was so pumped for that and how it all went down," Garrini said before adding that it was the most heat he's ever gotten.

"I remember when Tom and I were talking about what we could do to get heat. I said when the Von Erichs are walking out, make sure that flag never leaves ringside. I knew I was gonna spit on it. Then Erick blows a snot-rocket into it. Then Tom lays it down and starts humping it. The next thing you know there's a whole trash can getting thrown in the ring. It wasn't something we didn't expect, but it turned out so great for the angle. It's really given us and the Von Erichs such a great spark."

Garrini then talked about working with a wrestling legacy like the Von Erichs.

"I'm a big pro wrestling history buff. I haven't watched a ton of World Class but I read about it and watched docs on World Class," said Garrini. "So, to get the chance to work with the Von Erichs is so wild because I've watched the WWE doc on World Class 3-4 times. Then last year Vice put out a Dark Side of the Ring on the Von Erichs and ESPN did a 30 for 30 on the Von Erichs. So, there's so much history involved and to get a chance to work with a legacy like that, it's something that you can't replicate."

Garrini took part in an eight-man tag match at MLW Fightland that ended up being Killer Kross' final match before joining WWE. He discussed being a part of Kross' last non-WWE appearance.

"It was cool. I never got the opportunity to work with Killer Kross in a match, so even though we had some small interactions in the eight-man tag, it was really cool that I finally got a chance to work with him. He's always been a really great guy and we talked about Bloodsport the last time we were on a show," stated Garrini. "It was really cool to get to work with him and obviously we filmed the angle where King Mo joined up with us, so that was cool. So, it was a fun night in general."

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