Heath Slater On Why He Was Released Before A 3MB Reunion: "Maybe Because I Wasn't Ready"

With Drew McIntyre the current WWE Champion and Jinder Mahal recently returning from injury, it seemed like a perfect time for a 3MB reunion alongside Heath Slater. However, Slater was among many talents released in April due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Slater was asked why WWE didn't reunite 3MB when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"Maybe because I wasn't ready? because I wasn't. I mean, I could have went out there and went through the motions. That could have been alright but maybe it was all on me and was my fault," stated Slater who was then asked about Mahal and McIntyre leaving WWE, getting jacked and then returning with new physiques.

"The one reason they did that was to stay healthy and live longer. Of course, it works in the wrestling business. It's one of those things where ? I ain't gonne lie ? I was burnt out for a little bit. Not being used takes a toll sometimes. That was all on me and I don't blame anyone as I could have easily stepped it up at any time. I guess I needed that smack in the face just like Drew and Jinder got."

He was then asked about completing the 3MB Prophecy of each of the members losing steam in WWE, getting released, coming back and becoming WWE Champion. However, Slater isn't entirely sold that the routes of Mahal and McIntyre will be the same as his.

"I know for a fact that I was there for 14 damn years and I did a lot in my career, but there's a lot that I haven't done," said Slater. "There's bucket list stuff. So, that's why I'm excited to go out from WWE and nail some of my bucket list things. If I go back, I go back. If not, who knows?"

Slater's last run in WWE was teaming with Rhyno in which they became the inaugural SmackDown Tag Team Champions. He was asked how he and Rhyno got paired up.

"Truthfully, I feel like we got picked because I had a storyline where I was a free agent and was not on a brand and getting attention. So, the lights can either be out or I'm gonna turn them back on. I wanted to flip that switch," stated Slater. "So, the free agent thing went on and I pitched that I'm going for the IC Title. But they wanted to bring up Rhyno so the IC Title thing ended up going for the tag titles. Me and Rhyno, they put us together and the people liked us: Beauty and the Man Beast.

"It was working and the people related to it. He was helping me get to my contract and get to the titles. It was a beautiful story."

Slater calls Rhyno his big brother and that he's close to Slater's family. When Slater's young daughter lost a tooth, she wanted to send a picture to Rhyno instead of the rest of her family.

"I'm like, 'What? Why Rhyno? Not Mommy or Auntie or Mawmaw or Pawpaw?' She's like, 'No, I want Rhyno to see it.' So, he's had that much of an impression on them that they love him," revealed Slater. "That cracks me up. He even stayed a night with me at the house and when my girl had school, we went and had lunch with them. It was me, Rhyno and Konnor from Ascension and us three were walking into grade school and having lunch with my daughter. Everyone was looking at us like, 'What the hell [laughs]?' It was fun and an awesome cool little moment."

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