Former WWE Superstar Heath Slater, who was released from his WWE deal back on April 15, took to Twitter today to respond to recent comments made by AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes did an Instagram Live Q&A this week and when asked about AEW possibly hiring Slater, he joked, "Nope, no on Heath Slater."

Slater responded in a tweet, tagging Cody, and calling his answer a bad business decision.

"Damn!! NO. Nope on Heath?? I know you are a new business man but that was a bad business decision. @CodyRhodes," Slater wrote.

During the same Q&A, Cody also indicated that AEW won't be hiring Zack Ryder, who was also released on April 15 as a part of the WWE budget cuts brought on by COVID-19. Cody gave props to Ryder's hard work and accomplishments, but said Ryder's biggest hurdle will be their friendship. Cody, who was clearly joking, said Ryder may be his "only friend" in wrestling, but added that AEW can't be just "All Friends Wrestling" with friends being hired because they're friends.

Cody's comments didn't go over well with some fans.

One fan wrote, "@CodyRhodes at Starrcast: 'I believe in nepotism, I believe in giving your friends jobs. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for nepotism.' also @CodyRhodes: 'this isn't All Friends Wrestling'. And while I'm at it, exactly which part of your fan base wanted Dr. Luther ?"

Cody responded to that fan criticism and noted that he was clearly joking, writing, "Both things were said in jest...clearly. It's clickbaited very sterile, but in context it's clearly humor."

Slater and Ryder have not responded to Cody's latest comments seen above, but we will keep you updated. Cody previously praised Ryder after his WWE release, as noted at this link.

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