Jimmy Jacobs and Impact Wrestling Co-Executive Vice President Don Callis were on the Impact Wrestling post-show "After Shock". The two reacted to Rohit Raju's losing effort against Try Miguel in the tournament for the Impact World Title.

"I mean we can speak candidly on this show, right? I mean look, Rohit Raju has had a really rough ride so far in IMPACT Wrestling. We've seen that. And I think sometimes, guys like Rohit, they let their anger and their emotion get the better of them, and I think Rohit has consistently bitten off more than he can chew," Callis said. "But for once, he's finally in charge of his own destiny, and I think that's a new thing for him.

"Look, he's a talented kid. He's a guy that always has good matches. But what that difference between someone who has good matches and someone who's actually over, someone who's actually on the cusp of a title. I don't think he's there yet. He seems like a guy who's in need of an advisor. I don't know who that is. It clearly wasn't Gama Singh."

Raju has talked about what has hurt Desi Hit Squad's push a year ago, but Callis called out Raju for his catchphrase saying that it's "gotta go".

"But Jimmy. That one line's gotta go: 'My mother calls me son because I shine like one'. My mother called me 'dumbass' but I wouldn't be bragging about that on this show, so there you go."

You can view Callis' comments in the Twitter video below:

Himanshu D contributed to this article.