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Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to Impact! We kick things off with one of the first-round #1 Contenders Tournament matches!

Madman Fulton (w/Dave & Jake Crist) vs. Hernandez

Both men lock up, and Madman Fulton backs Hernandez up towards the corner. Fulton backs up and does it again. Fulton puts Hernandez in a side headlock. Hernandez reverses it. Hernandez comes off the ropes with a clothesline. Hernandez flies off the ropes with a crossbody, Fulton catches him midair. Fulton suplexes Hernandez off the ropes. He follows it up with a powerslam then a leg drop. Fulton goes for the cover, Hernandez kicks out at 2. Fulton slams into Hernandez while he's hung up on the ropes. Fulton tries to keep Hernandez down with a front facelock. Dave Crist finds his way into the match, while Fulton distracts the referee.

Fulton has Hernandez locked up again in the center of the ring. Hernandez fights out of it with a few midsection shots on Fulton. Fulton counters. He climbs to the middle rope, dives off, and misses a headbutt attempt. Hernandez flies over the top rope with a spear, then a senton. Hernandez goes for the cover, Fulton puts his foot on the rope. Fulton rolls out of the ring. Hernandez runs the ropes before The Crist Brothers stop him. Hernandez flips them over. Hernandez throws Jake into Dave via a Border Toss. Fulton flies in with an uppercut. Both men are on the middle and top rope. Hernandez pushes Fulton off and connects a big splash off the top. Hernandez covers Fulton, and wins the match!

Winner: Hernandez

Hernandez advances to the semi-finals!

Backstage: Michael Elgin doesn't understand why Impact is having this Tournament. After being in this business for the last 16 years, he believes he's proven himself, and his spot at becoming the next Impact World Champion.

Backstage: Madman Fulton is angry that he lost his match. Tensions are rising once more between oVe. Crazzy Steve makes his way in and taunts oVe by calling them "sheep." Jake challenges Crazzy Steve to a match with Dave Crist next week. Joseph P. Ryan comes in after hearing the "C" word. Crazzy Steve says that everyone calls him crazy. Ryan finds that word very offensive.

The camera pans over to Mathews and Rayne. They run through tonight's card.

Up next, Tasha Steelz makes her in-ring debut!

Kylie Rae vs. Tasha Steelz

Tasha Steelz locks up Kylie Rae's arm as the match begins. Rae reverses the lockup. Both women go back-and-forth with reverse lockups on the mat. Steelz has Rae in a deep backbend submission. Rae flips out of it. Rae sends Steelz down once more, with two deep arm drags, followed by a dropkick. Steelz sends Rae down with multiple short-arm clotheslines. Steelz climbs up on Rae's back. Rae smashes Steelz up against the turnbuckles. Rae connects the Kylie Special. Rae goes for the cover, Steelz kicks out. Rae grabs Steelz and locks her up in the STF (Smile to the Finish). Steelz crawls over to the bottom rope. Steelz climbs up to the top rope and connects a crossbody. Rae locks in the STF one last time. Steelz taps out, and Rae picks up the win!

Winner: Kylie Rae

Backstage: Rohit Raju has seen many people come and go in Impact. For three years, Raju has been waiting for this moment to be part of this Tournament.

Backstage: Susie congratulates Kylie Rae on her match.

Up next, Kimber Lee makes her in-ring debut!

Kimber Lee vs. Havok

Havok runs towards Lee, Lee ducks and takes a swing at Havok. Havok screams out, takes Lee by her hair, and throws her across the ring. Lee has Havok cornered and gets a few shots in before Havok switches and puts Lee in the corner. Lee goes for a hurricanrana, Havok catches her and slams her down with a sit down powerbomb. Havok goes for the cover, Lee kicks out. Lee gets up and sends Havok down with a step-up kick. Their match will continue after the break.

Back from the break, Lee is in full control with a foot chokehold on Havok. Lee locks Havok up in the ropes with an octopus submission. The camera pans over to Nevaeh. Lee heads to the top rope and lands a Swanton on top of Havok. Lee goes for another cover, Havok kicks out at 2. Lee climbs to the top rope again, goes for a crossbody, but gets caught midair by Havok. Havok slams her down on the mat. Havok looks over at Nevaeh. With Havok distracted, Lee grabs a pair of brass knuckles and tucks them into her hand. Havok sets Lee up on the top rope. Lee hits Havok with the brass knuckles, and wins the match!

Winner: Kimber Lee

Next, we see another vignette from Kiera Hogan.

Madison Rayne and co-host Johnny Swinger are back with another "Locker Room Talk." This week's guest is Ken Shamrock! Shamrock says that the reason he came back to Impact was because he wants a chance at becoming the next Impact World Champion. As he goes on, Michael Elgin interrupts the interview by hitting Shamrock with a steel chair.

Back from the break, Sami Callihan makes an appearance. He believes that "Big Mike" has no chance against him next week.

Up next, the second first-round #1 Contenders Tournament match begins!

Rohit Raju vs. Trey

Both men square up. Trey goes for a standing switch. Trey takes Raju down on the mat after gaining wrist control. Raju gets up and reverses the hold. Trey reverses as well. Trey flies off the top rope with a deep arm drag. Raju runs around Trey before he clubs him. Trey ducks a back elbow. Raju rolls out of the ring. Trey tries to meet Raju on the outside, but Raju blocks his chance. Raju is back in the ring and body slams Trey. Raju goes for the cover, Trey kicks out at 2. Raju connects a pump kick, then a DDT. Raju goes for another lateral press cover. Trey kicks out again.

Raju keeps the momentum going with a snap suplex. Raju locks Trey up in the ropes. The referee calls for a rope break. Raju starts arguing with the referee about the rope break. Raju gets his head back in the game and lands a few shots. Trey counters the distracted Raju with a neckbreaker. Trey throws down a few shots and then a big kick. Trey goes for the cover, Raju kicks out at 2. Raju has Trey cornered. Raju connects a running kick. Trey gets a few more moves in, including a 619. Raju pulls through with a front facelock cutter. Trey rolls Raju up in a small package pin, and wins the match!

Winner: Trey

Trey advances to the semi-finals!

After the commercial break, we catch up with Cody Deaner! This week, he talks about the importance of taking care of your mental health during this "kwaranteen," and the things you can do to keep yourself happy and active. For Cody, it's exercising, drinking beer while meditating, and wrestling stuffed animals.

Up next, The North defends their Impact Tag Team Championships, again!

The North (c) vs. The Smoes

Ethan Page lands a superkick on Smoe #1. Josh Alexander is tagged in, and let's just say, Smoe #2 didn't stand a chance after taking a spinning drop. After The Smoes take multiple, yet impressive bumps, The North end the match with The Nothern Assault, and retain their championships!

Winners: The North

At the Bar: Rosemary introduces The Bunny to Valkyrie's dog, Mr. Mundo. Johnny E. Bravo is furious that Rosemary took Mr. Mundo.

After, the Impact Plus Moment of the Week is shown. It's AJ Styles vs. Matt Hardy.

Backstage: Chris Bey finds Johnny Swinger. Bey informs Swinger that Willie Mack has been dissing him lately. Swinger is mad after hearing this, so he leaves to go find Mack.

Swinger finds Mack and confronts him. Swinger wants a shot at the X-Division Championship. Mack accepts his challenge.

After, Mathews and Rayne discuss next week's card, which will include:

Two More first-round #1 Contender's Tournament matches

Rhino vs. Ken Shamrock

Sami Callihan vs. Michael Elgin

Tag team action between XXXL and TJP & Fallah Bahh

Plus, Willie Mack will defend his X-Division Championship against Johnny Swinger.

And now, the self-proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Moose, will put his title on the line against Suicide!

Moose (c) vs. Suicide for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Suicide rolls Moose up in schoolboy. Moose makes his way out at 2. Suicide sends Moose down. Their match will continue after the break!

Back from the final commercial break, Suicide keeps the offense going with a hurricanrana, followed by a baseball slide to Moose on the outside. On the outside, Moose sends Suicide towards the barricade. Back in the ring, Moose catches Suicide and throws him across the ring. Moose smashes Suicide's face with a running boot. Moose swings Suicide into the barricade. By the 9th count, Suicide climbs up on the apron, but Moose just pushes him outside of the ring again. Suicide gets in some defense after a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Suicide puts on the breaks and sends Moose to the outside again. Suicide sends Moose flying, after a big pair of chops. Suicide heads towards the top, sees Moose coming towards him, and rolls out.

Suicide connects a lionsault off the middle rope. Suicide goes for the cover, Moose kicks out at 2. Moose has Suicide cornered, but then turns his attention towards the referee. Suicide accidentally pushes Moose into the referee and knocks him down. Moose gets caught midair by a kick to the midsection. Suicide goes the cover, but the referee is still down. Suicide runs over to the ref. Moose counters the spear and rolls Moose up. Moose kicks out at 2.8. Moose lands a low blow, then a No Jackhammer Needed Spear. Moose pins Suicide one last time and retains the championship.

Winner: Moose

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching! Here's a sneak peek of what's to come on next week's episode:

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