Jesse Ventura Not Running For President After All?

It looks like WWE Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura will not be running for the office of President of the United States after all.

As noted in late April at this link, the former Governor of Minnesota announced that was planning to test the waters, and confirmed he would run with the Green Party, if he did run. Ventura had endorsed that party, but said he had not filed for a Presidential exploratory committee or anything like that.

In an update, former candidate for US Congress Bill Cimbrelo noted on Twitter last night that he spoke with Ventura's would-be campaign manager, and he was told that Ventura will not be running against President Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden in November.

"Unfortunately, for reasons that were not elaborated on, @GovJVentura has decided NOT to seek the Green Party nomination for President. My apologies to all those that made an effort to get this off the ground & for your inevitable disappointment you must feel. Sorry," Cimbrelo tweeted on Monday night.

The report states that Ventura has decided not to seek the Green Party nomination, and Ventura previously stated that this would be the only way he would run.

"The Body" has not commented on this latest development as of this writing, but it's interesting to note that he re-tweeted a post from a supporter over the weekend, which had him officially becoming a member of the Green Party as co-chair Trahern Crews looked on. You can see that tweet and photo below.

Stay tuned for updates on Ventura and his potential 2020 campaign. You can see the related tweets below: