Mance Warner Pitches Creative Idea For He And New Jack

Many think Mance Warner's style is reminiscent of the hardcore style seen in ECW back in the day. He got the chance to work with former ECW star The Blue Meanie at MLW's Philly show and he talked about that when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"It was amazing. Everyone that gets into wrestling should look back at the history of pro wrestling. I had been in the arena before in Combat Zone," Warner said before adding he was thrown 20 feet off the cage of death at that arena.

"I debuted out in MLW in that same arena. So, to come back and I've got to pick a mystery opponent to take on Holliday. I brought in Blue Meanie. Me and him had some beers out in the ring and some beers out back. We had a good time and I got to learn a lot of stuff about Meanie. He's got a podcast out there ? ya'll go listen to him ? he knows what he's talking about."

Warner said he loved hearing stories from Meanie from back in the day in ECW and he stated that's how you learn in this business.

"You don't learn from just getting in the ring. You learn by talking to people and being backstage and making the drives," said Warner. "Wrestling is at a standstill right now, so now you've just got to watch on TV. You gotta go to MLW and subscribe to the YouTube channel. You've got to watch all the past shows that we've had and keep on learning. I've heard that they're doing some stuff with MLW Underground from 2002-03. I know Mike Awesome on there and Masato Tanaka. Those two had matches and I'm hoping to see Terry Funk, Dusty Rhodes. I can go on and on about this s***."

Warner then talked about how much ECW influenced his wrestling style.

"Everybody knows ol' Mancer loved WCW. That was the thing I grew up watching but I watched everything. I was watching WWF and ECW. ECW was one of those things that, the first time I saw anything about ECW in a magazine and I go, 'Jesus, what's this?' You see barbed wire matches. You see Terry Funk and all of this crazy stuff. Then they would run infomercials before PPVs and you'd see the ads on TV late at night. You'd get into that. So for me, I like to take a little bit of everything that I love doing and then make it my own," said Warner.

One of the most infamous ECW stars was New Jack who pushed the limits in terms of violence in wrestling. Warner was asked if he's ever stepped into the ring with New Jack.

"I've never gotten to wrestle New Jack or been around him in person. That's a guy that I'm sure we'd hit it off real well. I think we'd have a hell of a tag team run at some point. You never know," said Warner.

"You throw him and me in a tag team and we may destroy a building but I think there'd be a Part 3, 4 and 5 of Dark Side of the Ring right there. I was watching that episode and I saw them interviewing him after and I said, 'Damn I need to hit up whoever runs this. I need to get this job where I sit here and drink beers and interview the guys after the show.'"

Warner added that New Jack didn't want to talk to those regular guys as he wanted to talk to other crazy people.

"They should give us a reality show and have New Jack and Mancer running around, going grocery shopping and drinking. He could teach me how to cook that spaghetti out there," stated Warner.

Some wrestlers might cringe at being compared to New Jack but Warner had a different reaction with the comparison.

"That's amazing. You'll hear some wrestlers get offended when compared, but everybody that has ever said something to me has said Terry Funk or Cactus Jack or Austin or New Jack. All of those guys ain't bullsh**ing? so that's a compliment," said Warner. "I love hearing sh** like that ? it keeps me doing what I'm doing."

At the same MLW Philly show that Warner teamed with Blue Meanie, he also got to tag with Savio Vega and he discussed that.

"It was amazing. We've done a couple of tag matches but the last one we did was one of the last shows ol' Mancer got to do before all this hit the fan. It was me and Savio against Mortiz and Pagano in Tijuana," recalled Warner. "Before that match K-Dog [Konnan] is giving us a speech of what this building represents. It's a building that Rey Mysterio debuted in and he's talking about Psychosis and all of these guys that Mancer loves. So, to know that in a couple of minutes I'm gonna get to go out there and tear this building up was crazy."

He noted that there were 6,000 crazed fans there and Konnan told them before they went out to not start a riot.

"I kid you not, seven minutes into the match a guy is throwing a beer and Savio knocks a beer out of his hands," said Warner. "Then all hell breaks loose and we started a riot out in the crowd [laughs] and doing the one thing we were told not to do. It was awesome. Then we're jamming skewers into Pagano's head and Mortiz ? I catch him on fire. It was chaos, man. It was amazing."

In January Warner took on Jimmy Havoc in a no ropes barbed wire match at MLW Zero Hour. Warner emerged with the victory and he talked about that experience.

"I've been in matches where there's maybe a chair wrapped in barbed wire, but it's a whole another ballgame. With just the preparation for the fight, they've got to basically tear down the ring and then put up all the barbed wire. That took about 35 minutes or so. So just imagine, you're getting ready to go in there with a guy who you hate and you know you're trying to beat the sh** out of this guy. But then you've got to sit there and wait as they build all this barbed wire rope," stated Warner.

He then recalled that there were paramedics backstage and when he was about to go to the ring, he grabbed a steel chair that turned out to be one of the paramedics' chair.

"I basically told them to piss off because I'm gonna grab the chair and beat the sh** out of this guy. To fast forward, at the end of it none of them were helping me because I didn't want them too. I already pissed them all off and stole their chair. Now I'm gonna go out there and beat the sh** out of Jimmy Havoc in barbed wire. I love sh** like that," said Warner who was then asked to describe what it's like to get cut with barbed wire.

"I always describe barbed wire as, go take a pack of bologna and throw it against a little bit of barbed wire. Watch it tear up ? that's what it does to your skin," said Warner. "I remember getting cut so bad in that match that if you go watch the re-run of that fight, I'm bleeding so bad that I couldn't see nothing. I remember at the end I'm looking up and I could just see the lights. I was so drained that I felt like I was gonna pass out from the blood loss. But I knew I had to beat this man to hit the pay window. So, I did what I had to do."

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