Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Nick is not happy with Matt’s new look for the Young Bucks at Double or Nothing, which is the same look Vince McMahon reportedly wanted for The Revival near the end of their WWE run.

* Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian talk about the Casino Ladder Match. Frankie appreciated Daniels giving him support about the match. Sky Scorpio comes in and says the same thing to Daniels. Frankie then realized Daniels did the same thing to him and wondered if he was being ribbed. They want to know who he’s supporting and Daniels ends up distracting them to be able to run away.

* Nick is at TIAA Bank Field and says it’s insane they are doing a Stadium Stampede Match in an empty stadium

* Kenny Omega does a zoom call with Colt Cabana and yells at Cabana about what he did last week. Colt says that someone hacked him and he didn’t send him that footage to Nick. He then asks Nick (who’s filming) if he did that, Nick says Colt did end it to him. Omega says their relationship is beyond repair and that piping hot angle they had talked about is going to get pushed way back. Omega yells some more and hangs up, he then goes to use the bathroom and Colt had been standing in there with Nick the whole time.

* Sky and Frankie find Daniels in his hotel room and wants to know who’s back he has. Daniels stares at them for a moment and talks a bunch, then slowly shuts the door on both guys.

* Memorial ceremony is shown for Vanguard 1, which got destroyed by the Inner Circle. Matt Hardy thanks The Young Bucks for showing up for such a hero. Matt and Nick talk about the life and times of the drone as SCU, The Elite, and others sit in the audience. The group starts bickering about religion, Hardy tells them all to shut up and show some respect. Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon also say some words. Frankie has had enough of the service, Rick Knox shows up and starts up his ten-count to kick Frankie out. Matt then honors Vanguard 1, but mentions he was an alcohol, much like Hangman Page, who was sleeping in the back. He heard his name and thought it was his time to speak and he began giving a speech like he was at a wedding. Matt has a premonition and says the essence of Vanguard 1 will be put into a new vessel called Neo 1.

* Cutler says it’s been a year since Matt and Nick offered him an AEW contract. We see a flashback to when Cutler first read the contract. Cutler talks about being the first to walk out at last year’s AEW Double or Nothing, and he’s wanted to prove he isn’t a complete charity case and is a great wrestler. Right now he’s on a 0-12 losing streak and not on this year’s card.

* Private Party make their way to the backyard for their match against Bonez and The Bear. The two battle only battle Bonez in a match and eventually beat him down. They get a ride to leave the property, but realize they aren’t moving. The Bear is in the driver’s seat…part two will be next week.

* Clips of Double or Nothing sets being set up is shown.

* Daniels finds Sky and Frankie after their Casino Ladder Match and said despite neither winning, both of them still got it. Daniels said he didn’t want to pick a side, he was there for both guys.

* Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy talk about their rough night at Double or Nothing where neither won their respective matches. Marko Stunt walks up, talks about trying to find something with that map he previously found. Feels like he was looking for Luchasaurus’ tail, but couldn’t find it. Luchasaurus says there was never a tail, it was just a metaphor. He said it was about friendship, he was just missing his tag partners, now they are a team again.

* Justin Roberts sitting in a room, puts his headphones on and announces the entrances for the Stadium Stampede Match.

* Behind-the-scenes clips of the Stadium Stampede Match is shown.

* Night before Stadium Stampede: Hangman Page walks into The Young Bucks’ hotel room. He says if they are going to do this, they need to do this right. Page says the Inner Circle is a well oiled machine and they need to get on the same page if they want to win. Page talks about making an actual circle, so the three of them lock arms and make a circle. Matt says he felt like they’ve always been missing something that would truly connect the group so they could get be like Inner Circle. If someone just walked through the door to help them! Marty Scurll (with a mask on) kicks the door open and walks up to them. He takes his mask off and stands there with a smile, but the guys don’t notice him. “I’m back, baby,” Scurll says. The group is so focused on each other they just think he’s a room service guy. Scurll tries to get Page’s attention, Page says this isn’t even his floor, it’s down too levels. Scurll leaves. They finally open their eyes and Brandon Cutler (who’s filming) calls them idiots…they let him leave without paying a tip. The three hurry out of the room.

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