Mick Foley Offers To Help Shad Gaspard's Wife Produce Shad's "Pinfall" Project

A pro wrestling project created by former WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard may be produced in the near future.

Gaspard, who was declared dead at the age of 39 after going missing during a swimming accident on Sunday, took to Twitter back in September 2018 and revealed a sports drama he had created called "Pinfall."

"Don't judge me by my size, I have a talent for making my dreams a reality [hugging face emoji] But a dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. #OurStory #Wrestling #WWE," Shad tweeted as the caption to screenshots of an evaluation of the script to the pilot episode.

WWE Backstage analyst Ryan Satin re-tweeted the project this week and said he hopes it can somehow get made still because of how proud Gaspard was of the work he had done on it. Satin was tagged in the original tweet by Gaspard in 2018. Shad's wife Siliana responded to that tweet and said she has every intention of fulfilling Shad's dream.

"I have every intention of fulfilling his dream of turning his treasured work into reality and it will be made," Siliana wrote.

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley responded to Siliana's tweet and offered to help with Shad's project.

"If there is ever any way I can help fulfill Shad's dream, please don't hesitate to ask. My heart goes out to you and your child.," Foley wrote.

As seen in the original 2018 tweet below, Shad provided an evaluation he had done for the "Pinfall" pilot episode, based off the 62-page script. The pilot episode was set in the present era, at a pro wrestling arena. The logline for the pilot reads like this:

"An ailing wrestling company trying to recover after the death of its owner faces again has-beens, troublesome new stars, and an uncertain new owner trying to live up to her father's image."

The evaluation included the following details on the sports drama, listed as strengths and prospects for the project:

Strengths: "This is an intriguing script that combines elements of sports drama and workplace drama to put a fresh spin on both genres. The script takes a sprawling look at a large organization, and attempts to tell a bit of a story for every character who appears onscreen. The result is sort of an upstairs/downstairs approach to the story, which seeks to create drama from both the showdowns in the ring and the altercations that go on in backrooms and offices. The show's ensemble cast is united by a desire to prove themselves to a world that's ready to write them off. While TREVOR and SOLANGE certainly end the episode on less than agreeable terms, they actually have a lot in common; both characters can feel the deck being stacked against them and are willing to resort to drastic measures in order to get what they want. Trevor ends the episode on a note of hurt and betrayal, and it seems likely that he'll go to great lengths to exact his revenge on both Solange and CASEY. The episode really hits its stride as the wrestling match draws closer and closer to the beginning, and the show within the show creates a natural sense of urgency and tension."

Prospects: "With a strong ensemble main cast of characters, who each have their own interesting arcs, and who are destines to clash with each other over the course of the show, the series has the potential to generate drama in perpetuity, similar to the wrestling acts it depicts. While the internal character stakes are full of inherent combative situations, the overarching themes and goals of the story are fairly well-known conceits, such as how wrestling may be staged but the injuries are real. Characters have a tendency to declare their existing state instead of acting to change it, which slows down the pace and doesn't always square with the visual language that filmed media ultimately speaks in. It is not clear if future episodes will contain wrestling or will be strictly behind-the-scenes, such as this pilot episode."

It will be interested if Shad's family and some of his co-workers come together to get the "Pinfall" series off the ground. We will keep you updated with any new information. You can see the related tweets below: