Moose is the self-crowned TNA Heavyweight Champion after he brought back that belt on a recent episode of Impact. That would seem to conflict with the current Impact World Champion Tessa Blanchard who has held her title since January.

One would think that this would set up a unification title match between Moose and Blanchard and Moose was asked about that when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"Not at all. My title is the No. 1 title in the company to me. I feel like her title is a step-down to me," revealed Moose. "I would never go after it because I have my title. Now, she might wanna come after me because she feels like her title isn't good enough and she wants the No. 1 title. If that's what she wants, I'll give her the opportunity to lose. I would never go after Tessa for the Impact world championship because that title is not as qualified as my title. I hold the No. 1 title in Impact Wrestling. I'm the real-world champion."

There's been speculation that with a woman holding the Impact world title, there is no need for a Knockouts title and that those two belts should merge. Moose was asked about that notion.

"If that's what the office wants to do, then they can do it. All I know is that I have the real world championship," stated Moose. "You would know this to be true my title is ten times more prestigious than the Impact world championship."

He then named the last couple of Impact world champions including Blanchard, Sami Callihan, Brian Cage and Johnny Impact.

"Now let me name you some of the guys that have won the TNA heavyweight championship. You're talking about Sting, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, myself. You see the point I'm making? When you compare the names to each other, which title carries more weight? My title does. That's why my title is way more prestigious than the Impact heavyweight title," said Moose.

Since Moose is bringing back an element of TNA, he was then asked if he would like to see Impact re-branded as TNA again.

"There is a full-blown return of TNA because I am the champion. I'm the TNA heavyweight champion. TNA is alive and breathing and doing well. If you think about it who is the greatest TNA champion of all time? Some might say AJ or Kurt Angle or Sting. But I say I am because of all of those guys, I brought to life a dead company. I revived it and now it's running. I'm the standing TNA heavyweight champion because of it," stated Moose.

"I am the greatest TNA heavyweight champion of all time."

He was then asked about the possibility of Impact having one hour of their weekly TV show devoted to TNA and the other hour devoted to Impact.

"Honestly, I don't know. I don't make those decisions and I only do what I can control. As of right now, I'm the TNA heavyweight champion and as the TNA heavyweight champion, we're gonna have matches defending the TNA heavyweight championship," said Moose.

"I don't care about Tessa's title as to me it's a step down title. If you look at the names of guys that have carried the Impact world championship compared to the names of guys who have carried the TNA heavyweight championship, that would tell you how prestigious my title is. Nothing against Tessa. She's a great wrestler and has accomplished things that no women in the business will ever accomplish. But you're comparing a great wrestler to a god of wrestling which is myself."

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