Since his main roster debut, Otis has taken the WWE Universe by storm with his comedic gimmick and strong in-ring ability. After winning the Men's Money In The Bank ladder match this past Sunday, Otis couldn't help but thank everyone, including his fans, family, friends and coaches, for supporting him on his new and exciting journey.

"When it happened, my phone was going crazy," Otis exclaimed in his interview on WWE's The Bump. "I couldn't believe all the love that was coming towards me. I'm so thankful that the WWE Universe, my friends, my family [and] past coaches that trained me for years showed me their support. Man, it's a beautiful thing, baby. Oh yeah!"

With this year's Money In The Bank falling on Mother's Day, Otis dedicated his win to his mother, who has been his biggest supporter since day one.

[On how monumental it was to win on Mother's Day] "It's very special," Otis answered. "That's the woman that, you know, brought me into this life. That's the woman that I've heard plenty of stories about. She was working two jobs and trying to go to college when my sister was a baby. I remember it was in Duluth, Minnesota when we went to visit my mom. She was handicapped and sick. We'd go see her, and she was constantly on the move. She would always have a line of people waiting for her just so they could be served by her.

"When she called me, it was a very emotional call. When I see her in person again, it's going to be a special moment. It's going to be a big squeeze of a hug, and a big kiss on the cheek for momma."

The sky's the limit when it comes to what championship Otis will go for. At this point, he is unsure where and when he'll cash in his contract. But, one thing is for certain, he plans on doing it sooner rather than later.

"There's not much to bask in, baby," Otis stated. "The sooner the better. I don't know when but sooner or later, this bad boy is getting cashed in. I don't care if they don't see me coming from the side or from behind, I'm going to keep on coming. I don't know what title yet. I'm a very impatient man, so I plan on cashing it sooner rather than later."

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