Last week, former WWE star Shad Gaspard passed away at age 39. Gaspard was swimming at Venice Beach and got caught in a strong rip current. He saved his 10-year-old son’s life by instructing the first responding lifeguard to help him, but he was then hit by a large wave that took him under.

The same week at AEW Double Or Nothing, there was a spot with Santana and Ortiz “drowning” Matt Hardy during the Stadium Stampede match that some fans questioned the timing of.

Matt Hardy’s wife Reby Hardy responded to one fan who brought up the scene.

It started after Reby Hardy wrote, “I’m throwing my TV out,” and a Twitter user replied, “You should have done that when Matt Hardy agreed to do that pool spot with Santana and Ortiz at stadium stampede match days after Shad’s death. Hypocrite.”

Reby went on to explain that Matt Hardy transforming in water has been part of a gimmick for over five years. She also mentioned that Shad Gaspard was their friend.

“Matt has *MAGICALLY TRANSFORMED* in water as part of a GIMMICK for over 5YRS now & this moron wants to try it,” wrote Reby. “Shad was OUR FRIEND. We been heartbroken & shook tf up since it happened YOU DIDNT EVEN f–kING KNOW HIM. Stop the faux outrage & f–k ALL THE WAY OFF. A f–king REACH.”

Reby also added, “And while we’re at it. F–k these people too. There was no “drowning angle”. There was no drowning, period. THERE IS A LOT ON TV TO UPSET ABOUT THIS WEEK BUT THIS AINT IT.”

Below you can read the exchange: