As noted last month, Shane Helms was one of the several WWE producers that were furloughed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion became a WWE producer last year.

Shane Helms took to Twitter to comment on WWE’s poor ratings. He struggles to watch wrestling because of the missing crowds.

“Because it sucks without an audience,” Helms tweeted. “It just does. Nobody loves wrestling more than me but I struggle to watch it while it’s missing one of it’s most vital components, the fans! It’s like watching Standup without a crowd. No matter what, it just won’t be as funny.”

He also commented on AEW after a fan wrote, “I am sure you have watched AEW. They’ve done well having the talent making noise. What are your thoughts on those shows? From the producer and talent standpoint, I’d like to know what you think.”

Helms answered, “They’ve done some things that I really like.”

As reported by Marc, last night’s episode of RAW drew an average of 1.686 million viewers on the USA Network. Last week’s average was 1.817 million viewers.

Below you can see his comments:

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