Sid had several stints with both WCW and WWF and held World Titles in both promotions. He got to know most of the big-name wrestlers of the 1990s and he was asked who he traveled with when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“In WCW I first started riding with Mike Rotunda quite a bit and then The Nasty Boys. Then in WWF there was no Kliq going on, trust me,” stated Sid. “Everyone rode with different groups and at that time I was riding with Bob Holly, Carl Ouellet, Bart Gunn and Billy Gunn.”

Sid then told the story of Carl Ouellet aka PCO not wanting to lose cleanly to Diesel/Kevin Nash in his hometown of Montreal. Shawn Michaels was also involved and used his power to help bury Ouellet for refusing to put over Nash.

“I went over to try to smooth things over but Kevin didn’t care. Kevin was like me a little bit where he didn’t care what they wanted to do ? let’s just get the match and get it over with. He wasn’t a wrestling fan either as he got into it for the money as well. So, it was easy for us not to care about the silly things like that. No one should have anyway,” said Sid who added that he gave Shawn the chance to fight Carl over it and he didn’t take the chance as he ran back to Kevin.

“No one that I’m riding with ? me and Bart, Billy, Bob and Carl ? that wouldn’t have made any sense for anybody wanting to fight us. I think Bart proved he’s one of the toughest guys in the business by winning [Brawl For All]. So again, that Kliq think was overexaggerated a million times.”

Sid then shared his thoughts on PCO today in Ring of Honor and said he helped come up with his current gimmick.

“Actually, I sort of helped him out with that as I had an idea and he took to it and turned it into that. So, I sort of gave him that idea,” revealed Sid. “I do talk to him some and he’s one of the guys I really consider a friend of mine in this business. He’s a really good guy.”

Sid said his idea for PCO’s gimmick was more of a cyborg with a chip in his brain but PCO’s version clearly works as well.

“Carl is a helluva hand in the business. He’s smart as hell. He’s a helluva worker and can work any style. I knew he would fit in great with ROH because it’s high-paced matches and he can really go for a big guy,” stated Sid.

“I tell people that when I was on a whipping post and had a bad situation with Vince, they were trying to down me in every way they could. Carl, in England one time, helped me do a few things. I went into that tour being the guy who couldn’t work to being the one having the best matches on the card every night. Carl was just a great guy to ride with and Bob Holly was a great workout partner ? no drinking, no bulls****ing. We worked out twice a day, even on days we had to be at a venue. That was hard to do but the kind of schedule I kept not everybody wanted. I’d work out twice a day and if you add a running session, that’s three times.

“So, not a lot of people were jumping in to ride with me. But the people who wanted to better themselves, that’s the kind of people that hung around with me.”

Sid then talked about Bart Gunn’s Brawl For All win and how WWE handled Gunn afterwards.

“I had just left there as I broke my neck in that car wreck. Then I started back up in WCW when the Brawl For All was going on,” Sid said before mentioning he saw the Dark Side of the Ring episode on it.

“You can’t tell me that Vince Russo and those guys couldn’t have thought of something. They still could have gave Bart the match. He won the thing and had the momentum. Jim Ross said he got the rub but that’s one of the stupidest terms in the business. That doesn’t really happen ? rubs just don’t happen like they say they do. If it has happened, it’s maybe once or twice in the history of the business and I can’t think of one.

“They say I got the rub from Hogan. Don’t tell me a 30-second segment of taking off a t-shirt is a rub. That didn’t get me over. I got myself over. They said Vader got the rub by putting out Gorilla Monsoon. He didn’t get over by that as he got over by working hard in the ring. Rubs just don’t happen like that.”

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