Welcome to Wrestling Inc.’s live coverage of tonight’s WWE Backstage on FS1, featuring CM Punk returning to the panel. This year’s MITB Ladder Match winner Otis, and WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat are tonight’s special guests. Live coverage begins at 11 pm ET.

– Renee Young, Booker T, Christian, and Booker T are on tonight’s panel. Punk is facing away from the camera with his hoodie up, looking like the mysterious SmackDown hacker. There have been rumors he was the hacker, but we’ve seen his hands and they don’t have any tattoos on them. Punk has “DRUG FREE” on his fingers.

– Before the show, a WrestleMania 3 Watch Party took place on FS1. The group talked about the impact of the PPV, Booker says Steamboat vs. Savage inspired him immensely, says he’d try to recreate it with his brother all the times. Punk says he remembers seeing the results of the show being reported on local news, made it feel like an even bigger deal. Booker says he urges young wrestlers to watch Steamboat vs. Savage.

– We see highlights from this past Sunday’s Money in the Bank and RAW.

– Topic of Becky Lynch announcing she was pregnant on last night’s RAW, vacating the title to Asuka is up next. Christian thought it was handle really well and felt she did a great job as champion. Renee asks where the division goes from here. Booker says he’s happy for everyone, but will miss the cashing-in moment from Asuka. Punk says there’s now a void in the women’s division and someone needs to step up. Says he would have liked to have seen Asuka pop Becky in the face after getting the title, building her up as a super evil heel.

– Clips shown of Savage vs. Streamboat from WrestleMania. Shawn Michaels and Sting talk about how good the match is. Michaels says he still revisits it with his student to see if the match still stands the test of time. Sting says the time and story told was flawless, and was a match ahead of it’s time. Young and Punk welcome in Ricky Steamboat.

– Steamboat is ask how it feels to be still asked about that match, says he finds it amazing that an 8 year old kid will ask for his autograph and then ask about that match. Punk calls it the “perfect match” and doesn’t find it surprising people are still talking about it. Punk says they stole the show and wondered if he had any memories that stood out from that day. Steamboat runs down some of their storyline, says back then they could take longer to build up a storyline, especially compared to today. Says he and Savage didn’t have any tune-up matches. Ricky says they weren’t looking to steal the show, but they did want to have the match of the night.

Punk then asked Steamboat what it was like working with him in Ring of Honor. Steamboat came in as the special guest referee for his match against Daniel Bryan. Steamboat felt like Punk’s had “it” at the time. They talked about doing one-hour matches, Punk says you’re never really ready to do one until you’ve done it. Steamboat says you always have to leave a little bit of gas in the tank to make sure the ending gets the fans going. Steamboat then gives a tour of his office ? showing off his various Hall of Fame awards, photos, body building trophies, and items from his tours in Japan.

– Clip shown of Otis winning the Men’s MITB Ladder Match. Otis joins the show with his newly won briefcase, Booker, Punk, and Renee talk with him. Otis mentions he’s a Green Bay Packers fan, Punk is heartbroken (he’s a Bears fan), says it’s the worst thing he’s learned about Otis. Otis talks about his big match and had a nice quarantine celebration in his hotel room. Booker asks if this is going to be the start of a big singles run for Otis. Otis says Tucker is his big brother and needs someone to keep him calm, says Heavy Machinery is still on full tilt.

Otis mentions Gerald Brisco recruited him and Tucker, talks about transitioning from amateur wrestling to pro wrestling. Punk says Otis should kick Mandy Rose to the curb and keep his eye on Tucker because he’ll be one of the first to go for that briefcase. Otis isn’t so sure about that, Booker agrees. Otis says he’s not a man of patience and may cash it in sooner than later. Renee brings up Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio being on the show, but both had a tough time at MITB when both got thrown off the upper part of the roof by King Corbin. Otis jokes that Corbin should be arrested.

– Clips shown of Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant at WrestleMania 3. Hulk Hogan reflects on the match, saying he had no idea at the time what the end of the match would be. Andre kept telling him “don’t worry” throughout the day when Hogan was trying to figure how things would go down. Hogan said Andre yelled “slam” and Hogan did it, followed by the leg drop to get the victory.

– Back to the panel, Renee, Punk, Booker, and Christian talk about Andre vs. Hogan. Christian says he remembers at the time Hogan was the underdog champion going up against this monster heel, and it’s one of his earliest WrestleMania memories. Christian talks about Andre being so respected by his peers and how smart he was to make Hogan fear how the match would end

– Since Sami Zayn is not able to compete, WWE announced a tournament will begin this Friday for the vacant Intercontinental Champion. The bracket has yet to be announced.

– The panel talks the MITB Ladder Matches. Punk says we’re in a strange time right now and this is a good way to get creative. Said Dana Brooke was the star for him in the women’s match. Booker T wasn’t as big of a fan of the match, felt like it could have gone a more serious, yet different, route. Renee asks Christian what he thought and Edge ends up popping in with Renee while Christian goes to give his opinion. Christian asks if there’s ever a time he can get the spotlight. Punk laughs at that joke. Edge says no and he’ll always be around Christian.

– CM Punk shows off a box of the new WWE ice cream bars, tries out a Becky Lynch one. Says it’s an ice cream sandwich, gave it a four out of ten.