WWE's Executive Vice President of Television Production Kevin Dunn was trending on Twitter today following Tuesday's night's season finale of Dark Side of the Ring, which featured the life and death of Owen Hart.

Owen tragically passed away at the WWE Over the Edge pay-per-view on May 23, 1999. Owen was portraying his "Blue Blazer" gimmick, which was a spoof on superhero characters. Owen was scheduled to descend from the ceiling for a match against The Godfather, however there was an equipment malfunction and Owen fell nearly 80 feet to the ring.

Despite the accident, the pay-per-view continued. Later on during the show, Jim Ross - who was announcing the broadcast with Jerry Lawler - announced that Owen had died. On Dark Side of the Ring, Ross revealed the exchange he had with Dunn seconds before making the announcement.

"In the chaos Kevin Dunn, the Executive Producer, thought that I had been told what the deal was," Ross stated. "I said, 'Kevin, no one has told us anything. What is the update?' And [Dunn] said, he's dead. And you're back in 10... 9...

"On camera what people saw was 10 seconds of preparation. I didn't know what to say and it wasn't storyline. I got very numb after that night. My hands were shaking, my stomach was hurting. I was just... I was... damn, man."

Owen's widow, Martha, filed a wrongful death suit against WWE. The lawsuit which was settled out of court for $18 million in November of 2000. Martha used the settlement to start the Owen Hart Foundation, which awards college scholarships and helps low-income families secure housing.

Dunn has been working full-time with WWE since 1984 and was promoted to Executive Vice President, Television Production in June of 2003. This past April, Dunn sold 33,000 shares of his WWE stock, worth approximately $1,500,180.

You can see a screenshot of Ross' comments below, via @BulletClubIta: