The New Day (c) vs. The Miz and John Morrison vs. The Forgotten Sons vs. Lucha House Party (SmackDown Tag Team Championship - Fatal 4-Way Match)

Metalik and Kingston get things started, Kingston with a splash. They trade wrist locks, Kingston with a back elbow, but then takes an enziguri and another kick. Kofi with some kicks of his own. Blake tags himself into the match, knocks a couple guys off the apron, then tags in Cutler, double backbreaker on Metalik. Metalik hits a springboard double back elbow on both guys. Morrison tags in and takes a dropkick, Metalik heads up top, Morrison stops him and goes up, spanish fly to the floor on a big group of wrestlers!

Metalik still trying to fight off his opponents, but not having much luck. Cutler in there now, stomps away, back elbow, cover, two. New Day kept off the apron as The Forgotten Sons are still beating up Metalik, he really needs to tag out. Morrison tags in, Dorado is able to finally get in the match. Dorado with a springboard moonsault, cover, Miz breaks that up. Dorado with a dropkick straight into a moonsault for a pin attempt on Morrison, cover, two. Dorado with another pin attempt, but it gets broken up. Kofi in the ring, Morrison with a disaster kick, then tags Miz in. Kofi with a standing double stomp, cover, two. Kingston lands another kick, leg drop, looks for trouble in paradise, but Miz blocks it.

Miz with a sneaky tag, gets rid of Forgotten Sons, tags Morrison who hits starship pain on Big E, cover, but Lucha House Party breaks it up.
Miz looks for figure-four, Miz boots him away, Cutler tags in. Big E gets into the match for a moment, Kofi with a boot to Cutler, tags in, then hits a big double stomp on Cutler off Big E's shoulder, cover, two. Morrison takes a top rope hurricanrana by Metalik. Dorado with a kick to Big E, then a big splash on Big E. Metalik walks the ropes, elbow drop, cover, and it's broken up.

Kofi with a splash out to the floor, but then gets sent into the ring post. Big looks to fly, but when he hits the ropes, Jaxson Ryker pulls the ropes, so Big E crashes out to the floor. Referee saw it and sends Ryker out from ringside. Back in the ring, Metalik looks to fly, but Big E catches him. Kofi nails Dorado with trouble in paradise. Big E hits the big ending on Metalik, cover, and that will do it.

Winners: The New Day via pinfall to retain the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship

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