Men and Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Matches

Both matches will take place at the same time at WWE HQ. Wrestlers start on the bottom floor and have to make their way to the roof to capture the briefcases. Cole and Graves call the action as the entrants all make their entrances at HQ. Looks like the men are starting in the gym while the women are in the lobby. Asuka shows up above all the women and splashes down on all of them! Asuka taunts and yells at the elevator to open, the doors close before anyone can get to it. The men battle in the gym, pairing off with each other.

Corbin grabs a weight, throws it and it smashes one of the mirrors. He stops and stares at the destruction he caused. Men are throwing each other into the workout equipment. Otis puts a weight bar down on AJ, and he can't lift it up. AJ asks Rey for help, but he just leaves AJ there. The rest run off, but Rey stops in the bathroom when he hears a flush. Brother Love comes out, "I love you!" Rey says, "I love you too, but I got to go." The guys make their way into the offices.

The elevator opens and four guys make their way in. The women run up the stares, battling each other along the way. They get to the elevators where the men get out and now everyone is battling. Auska dodges the action, but Baszler catches her running away. Black notices an opening and runs off. Bryan hits some "Yes" kicks and Otis does the "Yes!" chant, Bryan notices him and kicks the hell out of him. Bryan runs off leaving them behind. Doink the Clown (?) randomly pops up from behind a chair.

Carmella gets thrown into an office by Nia Jax while Baszler tosses Dana in. Nia and Baszler face-off for a moment and Baszler throws some forearms, but gets runs over. Dana with a chairshot to Jax's back. Dana see a briefcase and takes it, but that's not the right one. Stephanie McMahon then shows up and says the real one is on the roof. Carmella then grabs a one of her photos off the wall and smacks Dana over the head with it. Carmella moonwalks out and eats a women's right from Lacey.

AJ finally has gotten out of the gym. He's looking for Rey, yelling up and down the hallways. Styles then bumps into a photo of The Undertaker, stopping him in his place. AJ moves on, opening a door that has blue lights and a casket in it. We see clips from the Boneyard Match. Styles is freaked out, then eats a kick from Black. He shuts the door on AJ, "Nooo!" Styles yells. Paul Heyman randomly sitting at a buffet with tons of food around him. He goes to eat some and everyone goes running into the room.

They yell at each other and Heyman tries to get them to stop. Otis then yells "food fight" and launches a plate into Heyman's face! Dana ran into the room, still wearing the photo that Carmella smashed over her head. Food fight begins, Baszler chokes out Rey. Nia and Otis double squash him. More brawling continues as Heyman looks on. Jax powerbombs Carmella through a table. Otis is eating away and stares at Jax, they go their separate ways.

Otis finds another room with food and goes to town on some pie. John Laurinaitis shows up in his electric cart and says "People power!" Otis smashes a pie in his face. Janitor mopping the floor, Asuka yells for where the roof is. She gets chased off by three women, Dana runs in and slips on the wet floor. Asuka runs off as Nia drops both Baszler and Evans.

Bryan and Styles end up in Vince's office, swinging away at each other. They finally realize he's there and stop. Vince's music plays and he yells, "Out!" Bryan and Styles go to leave, come back, fix his chairs, and leave, closing the door behind them. Vince puts some hand sanitizer on and goes back to work. AJ says Bryan acted like a real coward in there, Bryan says AJ waned to put the chairs back...then they start fighting again.

Corbin then joins the fight with Styles and Bryan. Corbin then says he's going to the roof! Asuka and Nia make their way to the roof where the ring and briefcases are. Evans joins the fight, dropping Asuka. Jax fights her way to getting a ladder set up in the middle of the ring, Asuka stops her though and swings away. Jax sends her into the ladder and Evans pops Jax with a women's right. Evans heads up, but is yanked off by Asuka. Asuka throws the ladder down on Jax. Evans tosses Asuka's head into the ladder, she climbs up, but Asuka yanks her down. Asuka climbs up, Evans chases up after her, eats some elbows, Evans falls down on Jax. Asuka slides down the ladder a bit out of exhaustion. She heads back up, Corbin climbs up and argues with her, she slaps and kicks him off the ladder. Asuka then is able to get briefcase to win the women's match!

Winner (Women's MITB Ladder Match): Asuka

The men's match continues on as Otis heads into the ring to battle Corbin. Corbin hits him with a ladder, goes for a splash in the corner, nobody home, Otis hits the caterpillar.The other men enter the fray, Rey and Black climb up the ladder, but AJ shoves the ladder over. Corbin then apparently throws Rey over the edge of the building! He does the same to Black! Loud "thud" sound effects are heard as each hit the ground (or lower level of the building). Otis and AJ battle in the ring, Styles hit a phenomenal forearm on Otis. AJ climbs up, as does Corbin, they battle over the case. They both unhook it at the same time, but Elias shows up and whacks Corbin over the back with a guitar, AJ goes to rip it away and it falls down to Otis!

Winner (Men's MITB Ladder Match): Otis

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