Before the match, R-Truth still goes through his usual "What's up?" entrance routine, despite nobody being in the crowd. MVP gets on the mic and asks R-Truth what he's doing. Truth says he's just "balling!" He does MVP's taunt a couple times, MVP has had enough and goes to get ready for the match, but Bobby Lashley's music hits. Lashley heads down to the ring. Lashley tells MVP, he's got this, MVP is cool with that and leaves the ring.

R-Truth vs. Bobby Lashley

Truth tries to get away, Lashley snatches him up, shoulder thrust in the corner. Lashley launches Truth across the ring, then hits a spinebuster.

Lashley tries for a suplex, Truth with a kick, tries for a scissors kick, Lashley moves out of the way and hits a spear, cover, and we're already done here.

Winner: Bobby Lashley via Pinfall

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