WWE Star Drew Gulak Remembers Danny Havoc

As reported earlier, CZW and GCW star Danny Havoc has passed away. The news was first announced by Game Changer Wrestling. The cause of death has not yet been disclosed.

WWE star Drew Gulak remembered Havoc tonight on Twitter in several tweets. The two were both in CZW.

I put an old Viking proverb on a card to a friend along with a present earlier this week hoping that it would cheer him up. I was not expecting to get the horrible news that I received earlier today that Grant Berkland, aka Daniel T. Havoc had passed away, Danny moved across the country in 2004 to follow his dreams. He wanted to be a deathmatch wrestler like Jun Kasai and Hayabusa! That's when I met him.

We'd been close friends ever since. Not only did he get to follow his dream, but he lived them to the fullest and even went on to inspire others to do the same. In the same way that he looked up to his heroes, he may have even surpassed them.

Beyond that, as a human, he was fun-loving, intelligent, creative, innovative, brave, and caring. Just an honest to goodness great guy. He had such a fun, dry, wicked, dark sense of humor and an amazing skill for art. We set up a page together to keep track of some of his drawings and artwork at the appropriately darkly titled *ahem* https://infantslaughterbabystomp.tumblr.com. I hope you get to see his talent and creativity. In his art. In his wrestling. In his interviews and promos. Even in his blog posts!

He put 100% of himself into everything he created. That's why on whatever platform he was on he shined. I could honestly go on and on, but I won't here. I want to spread some joy here because whenever I talk about my friend Danny Havoc, Grant, that's what it was.

Let none put faith in the first sown fruit
nor yet in his son too soon;
whim rules the child, and weather the field,
each is open to chance.
- Hávamá

For those wondering, the gift hasn't made it into the mail yet, it's still being assembled. I'm having it sent back to my place. I know he would have loved it.