On the March 18th episode of AEW Dynamite, Brodie Lee, formerly known as Luke Harper in WWE, made his debut as the Exalted One of the Dark Order. Lee’s character appears to spoof Vince McMahon due to him being a suit-wearing, corporate leader who treats his disciples in a harsh way for doing petty things, although Lee claims the similarities are coincidental.

During a recent episode of the ARN podcast, Arn Anderson gave his thoughts on what the fans should expect from Lee now that he’s in AEW, as well as how highly he thinks of him as a talent.

“Sky’s the limit,” Anderson said. “He’s got all the tools, he’s got a head for the business, he’s smart, he’s durable, he’s big, he can have a match with anybody. He’s been put in a situation where you can add layers to his gimmick that he has now. The main thing above anything else, when you have talent and they are really good and really happy with what they’re doing you are going to see things you never saw before.”

During the last year of Lee’s run with WWE, he was hardly being used by the company and was patiently waiting for his release to venture off into something new. Anderson shared a story about how when Lee first came to AEW he saw Arn, he gave him a big hug and smile and seemed anxious to start with the company.

“You have to enjoy what you do or you’re not going to be good at it,” Anderson stated. “Especially when you have the opportunity to be creative and have input and pull off things that you envision the night before or backstage or or 2 weeks before or 6 months before. Now you get to go do it and see the smile on their face, that’s what it’s all about.”

Arn noted how Lee was always the man pulling things together with the Wyatt Family, but WWE never saw it that way and wanted Bray Wyatt to be the top star.

“Bray was the man,” Arn said. “That’s the guy they were going to put at the top of the mountain and then you had [Erick Rowan] Big Red who was a little green but a monster on the other side. You didn’t want to bounce Big Red around, you didn’t want to bounce Bray around so who does that leave?

“He was smart enough to know how to feature Big Red, put him in a situation where he was a monster and all the time being a little subservient too Bray. You can tell who was putting a lot of the things together and that was Luke.”

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