Breezango On What Led To The 'Fashion Files', Southpaw Wrestling Season Three

Since their formation four years ago, Breezango has embraced us with over the top cinematic humor, as well as their fashion senses. Before they became a cohesive unit, Tyler Breeze recalls the first time he met his tag partner, Fandango, and how determined he was to be like him.


"So, the funny part is that I met Fandango years ago," Breeze noted in his interview on WWE's The Bump. "I was in FCW. I believe he was already on the road working for the original NXT. We were out one night in Tampa. I knew of him, but I never talked to him. When he showed up, I was like this dude is the dude. I was like my God he's the coolest. He was what I wanted to be. He walked in like he was the man, and he was only in there for like five minutes. He impressed us all then left.

"Years later, he's Fandango, and I get called up as Tyler Breeze, then somebody said let's pair you two together. We meshed right away, especially once we started doing the fun stuff like with R-Truth. It's so fun to work with him."


When the Fashion Files first debuted, Breeze admitted that he never thought it would pick up that much traction among the WWE Universe. He stated in his interview that he wrote the show at first to help keep their team relevant while Fandango was out of action.

"[If he thought the Fashion Files would pick up popularity] Not at all," Breeze answered. "I was by myself and I thought you know what, we have all these platforms through WWE, I thought maybe I should create something where I'm looking for Dango. One of the writers was like, 'Why isn't this on SmackDown?' So from there, it was."

It's been about three months since WWE teased a "Southpaw" season three trailer. When asked how to describe the newest season, Fandango only had three important things to say about it.

"Cold pizza, warm beer and back body drops, that's all I can say," Fandango chuckled.

You can watch Breezango's full interview here. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit WWE's The Bump with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.